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Will the day come when Cryptic will allow other third parties or Guild Hosting Websites to obtain some of our Fleet data and allow us to use and display it on our websites?

We have quite a few players that canít get into the game regularly but like to keep in touch through the Fleet website. Allowing Guild Hosting Websites to link to this data will make it easier to do just that. Some of the other online games have this ability to create game specific widgets and features on Fleet/Clan websites.

Some of the information that would be great to access would be;
Fleet Banks inventory and energy credit information

Fleet member and character data (for fleet personnel officers)

Listing of Fleet in-game players (for the bigger fleets we could identify which fleet they are playing in)

Fleet Chat Chanel Export

We have the ability to view which friends and fleet members are online and have them all neatly put into the right fleet by using STO-UserID @ with IM software. If this information could be accessed in different ways we would be able to post fleet chat on our website and check in to see who is playing the game and what fleet they are in.

Our Guild Hosting providers already offered to do more STO content once Cryptic has allowed more access to their data.

I also understand that it may not be as easy as all of this above. Security risks and data contamination and more drain on the server may all be good enough reasons for not even going there. I was just really wondering if any of these things are being looked into and also if any of them exist today already.
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09-08-2011, 04:50 PM
Mearly being able to export your fleet data as a fleet leader would be nice on it own, but this would be great as well.

Maintaining lists of every one and every thing outside of the game, ( you have to do manually as far as I know ) in itself it a heck of alot of work.

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