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Originally Posted by Archived Post View Post
Terradome was fixed/nerfed along time ago to make it possible (trash mobs removed, some mechanics stripped out)

At that time is was completable. However there was a tactic on the ds9 promenande when protecting the engineers where all 5 of you stayed together to defend just one .. why? Well the other undine groups around the promenade wouldnt spawn. you just defend 1 console and wait on the rest.

I never felt comfortable with this...felt like cheating.

Then Season 4 went live and we ran terradome again this time it was great....undine spawned in all 5 locations and we had to split up and defend each engineer against waves of a few undine at a time.

It felt good to be doing it properly.


ran it again yesterday and now 15+ undine spawn on each of the 5 consoles.

It is now impossible.

I do know the borg stfs are being remastered. But could we please have terradome fixed to work properly at some point. Maybe once the borg stfs are remastered.
Ummmm when was it ever not broken lol

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