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# 1 Hair Flair
05-08-2012, 01:37 AM
Hey un-sto-ppables!

I've got an idea: Why can't some alien characters have the same hairstyle of NPC's? Cardassian females for example can have long hair (tied back, so you can see the big forehead spoon) as NPC's. In the aliengen, you can't have it. The same goes for Aenar and Andorian females with high forehead and long hair in the back. Klingons have at least the "rasta" look, butt not long hair with high forehead (such as K'Ehleyr) either. That's really a pity, I'd use that hairstyle for most of my toons (Aenar and Cardie mostly).

Shy greetings, meow.

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