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I know that things like the First Officer position are coming in with the DOFF system.

Will this also affect other ranks and positions aboard the ship... and where the characters appear onboard your vessel?

I know people would love to see their CMO in Sickbay for example... or their CE in Engineering.

Principally I'd mainly like to know if in the future I can boost the number of/reposition my BO's as they appear on the bridge?

I know that certain bridges have more slots than others I've played around and felt that the Ceremonial Bridge was a bit big for my Prometheus. I therefore scaled back down to a Caucasus. I don't like where it positions some of my BO's and would dearly like the opportunity to put them in different seats. I'd also like to propagate some of the ships other seats with extra BOFFs that I own. I understand the bridges make them come as standard... but I'd like to see a way of buying extra bridge appearance slots so that I can squeeze a couple more onto my Bridge.
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07-18-2011, 02:13 AM
Oh yes, I feature I really wait for since beta.

BOs ALWAYS are in the wrong places on my bridges....
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07-19-2011, 10:42 AM
I mean on my current bridge I have my diplomatically acquired Orion Slave Girl on conn... however she isn't sitting in the pilot seat, she is standing between the two chairs... dead centre in full view of the Captaqin's chair. I know what she's up to... she's an Orion Slave Girl for pities sake.

However I think she'd look wonderful in the lounge as a bartender.

I wonder how many bridges in game don't have seating for XO or Counsellor. I know the Prommy didn't have those seats in VOY:MIB (presumably because its design intended for the XO and 2nd Officer to take posts on the other segments during separation), shouldn't they have somewhere on the bridge (although perhaps they've reverted to a ENT/TOS era layout with XO taking one of the outer bridge console seats... if so, it would be interesting to to know if there was something that led to that decision in universe).

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