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# 1 Proposal? What do you think?
07-19-2011, 11:17 PM

The post there by maina felt kinda sharp; OP of the thread was complaining about content; someone down the thread mentions that the foundry going down kinda blew the skirt on STO up and showed us the thin knickers of plot and story it had going on before Community Authored Content was placed on Tribble. Anyways, Maina gave him a hard time for drawing attention to the obvious, I can't really speculate if their irritation was warranted, but for the lazy who don't want to click the link:

I'd love to see "Nagas" provide his wise wisdom on what you assume.

I'd also like to see what you'd add, not just general bad mouthing, but real suggestions.

I'll leave it there, "enlighten me", share your wisdom, what are we missing... What are ALL of us missing, that you have figured out? Let us have it, I'm sure this company needs the help, and maybe together, your grand ideas, with our support, can fight past the evil empire of business that rules now.

Come on. they may have "The One Ring", but obviously you have the one "Counter Ring", that can defeat all.

Thank goodness that the ring does not interfere with what the job that said posters may have, and you are still a expert in this field.
Of course specifically in this case... STO needs content. So, looking over the work over at starbase ugc, and the dozens of dedicated content authors here on these boards... I had this thought;

I can't say specifically, how much content was being uploaded when the holodeck foundry was up and running, but I have come across multiple instances of people complaining about incomplete or spammy UGC that isn't worth much.

What if Cryptic proposed:
  1. Deadlines on Content
  1. Priorities on Content, Story Seeds or Starting Points

In exchange... for waved subscription fees, or C-Store credits or something.

Not for every contributer, but those with the highest rankings and are consistently providing good work over the course of time.

Sometime later on, it's conceivable that they could include a support the author tab or something on the review interface, and players could chip a few bucks towards an author who wrote a really great mission after they complete it via paypal or some such means. Authors would get real monetary bonus' for really incredible content and Cryptic would get a cut for being the middle man. Boom, honorary Cryptic writing staff overnight.

These people could be put completely incharge of creating scores of content for any new factions that are added, that way all Cryptic has to worry about is ships, ground items, balance, settings and interface stuff when developing a new faction.

The main Foundry team has come together to build tons of content for the Klingon Defense Force, on their own, cause you guys friggn' rock; so why not take it a step further?

Throw in a local foundry client with import export and collaborative project modes for those authors who become part of this gilded elite ...

It would generate new revnue streams for STO, a greater incentive for content increasing the number of contributions and quality of contributions... (this sort of model was pretty successful on Team Fortress 2's community authored game models and maps,)

I dunno, it's 2am here so I'm kinda tweakn'. Thoughts?
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# 2
07-20-2011, 01:04 AM
I think most foundry authors have done a great job of listening to players' requests and ideas for content. That's kind of why I started my series, I'd seen multiple posts about the backstory of STO and how it's not really incorporated into the game (in missions)-I felt the same way, so I just took the initiative.

Foundry authors have been immensely supportive of STO, even without incentive and will continue to be and I think that says a lot about the character of the authors.

I'm all for this, CS could definitely give more incentive to authors but the foundry's still in beta who knows
where CS is going to go with it.
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# 3
07-20-2011, 01:16 AM
I'm not suggesting the foundry folks are lax, to the contrary I think the active foundry authors are some of the most passionate members of the community; and ultimately, the most important. (You know as opposed to PvP players shaking their collective fists at buffs and nerfs in game.)
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# 4
07-20-2011, 02:49 PM
I think there's a legal explanation why they can't offer any sort of incentive. Long story short, it can't happen.

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