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# 1 REQ: Galactic Computer Network
08-19-2011, 01:10 AM
I wanted to put this up for consideration by both the Dev team and the community at large. Currently there has been both discussion and an indication that we will soon be getting leaderboards for certain events. This is based on the Engineering Report for July, which stated “Adding Borg Invasion Leaderboards”. Earlier reports have also noted leaderboards either in development or in discussion, and Fleet Activities will (hopefully), be a huge part of season 5.

I would like to suggest that the leaderboards be officially named the Galactic Computer Network.

This request is based on a reference by Wesley Crusher In the TNG episode “Coming of Age”, regarding the Mordock Strategy, (sorry, I do not have the exact quote at the time of writing this). Memory Alpha states “The Galactic Computer Network was a computer network referenced in a draft of the script of TNG: "Coming of Age". This script revealed that Mordock was a legend on the Galactic Computer Network thanks to his Mordock Strategy, which was in turn revealed as a move in Benzite chess. It seems to have been intended as a 24th century equivalent of the internet.”

I do feel that by naming either the leaderboard system itself, or in-game access-point the Galactic Computer Network would be a nod to Lorehounds or Trekkies who play, and also an expansion on what may be a little-known piece of trek trivia.

If anyone else shares this opinion, please post below so that we can let the devs know.


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