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# 1 Moving on it's own..
07-20-2011, 02:26 PM
My game crashed about 3 days ago and ever since then my STO has be unplayable... For the past 3 days i have been able to get on to my account and in game but my character/ship won't fallow my keyboard/mouse commands... it takes a very long time to load everything up and when its all up and running my character/ship start to move around on their own without me even touching the key board.. For example my character will start to run, jump and walk around in circles without me having to push anything. Also when it finally responds to my commands to move its like there caught in some sort of loop and keep on restarting from where i left off or walking in doors that i'm no where near...

I've re-installed the game, restarted my router and modem and restarted my computer just to see if those will help.. So far nothing has worked.. any help would be appreciated.

I have been playing for the past 2 months with no problems at all since the crash
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07-20-2011, 05:13 PM
If you are still having problems:

*Always* run a tracert. Find out which hops you are taking and where the lag starts.
*Always* use the nettest tool to check if you are able to connect properly.
*Always* add from where you are playing (I don't need your address, but we do need to know where in the world you are and what your internet service provider is)

Tracert to check your routing.

You can run tracerts from a windows prompt or through online tools; select that which works best for you.

Go to
Download this file and run it
A command prompt should appear running the test automatically
Copy and paste the results to the forum

Good nettest results have column 1 and 3 with values between 300- 500kb/sec, column 2 with 20kb/sec . Values lower than this indicate some sort of network problem between your computer and the game servers. Problems can include port blocking, port filtering, trafic throttling, or ISP issues.
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07-21-2011, 09:52 AM
Sounds like you are suffering from a classic lag problem known as rubberbanding. The client is sending all the commands you type, but the server is not handling them in a timely fashion. The server checks your position and finds you are still where you were before you "moved." Your client then displays the old graphics of your previous position. Often players will then input more movement info (I said go forward!) and the client and the server miscommunicate again.

Watch for the red info at the top of the screen that might be indicating that the server has not responded in xx.x seconds.

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