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07-22-2011, 05:36 PM
As frustrating as it is. I think I'm with LoP on this one.

Ensuring that the publishing system works properly and what happened here does not happen again is the big problem. The missions they can be fixed either by restoring backups or by opening up access to the editor again.

The issue from a programming point of view is that if they aren't sure that the publishing system works then opening up the foundry to the public again could make a bad situation worse and none of us want that. Progress has been made, the foundry no longer leaks onto Holodeck, tests, as I understand it, are underway and I think at this point I don't think we'd gain much by opening the editor now.
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07-22-2011, 06:59 PM
Other than the fact most of us removed our missions already, not many of us are gaining anything but 1 stars
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07-22-2011, 07:08 PM
Sigh. But if they open up the foundry, then I'll have to be on pins and needles about when their going to update the assets avaliable for us to use in the foundry. It's an endless cycle of brutality that I feel in my heart against the Devs.

As soon as the foundry is back up, I'm considering making an OOC mission, where basically your character pesters the devs to work on something specific while the Cryptic studios offices are under attack by Klingons. Perhaps as some form of repentance for my own impatience, and frantic F-5ing of the foundry forums over the past week.

I will call this mission: the never ending sacrifice.
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07-22-2011, 07:39 PM
[Rank] [LastName], Starfleet command needs you to check in on the Star Fleet Corps of Engineer's tasked with repairing the Argus Array after it sustained damage from a rogue comet.

Command's recieved intermitant communications with them but as far as the Top Brass are concerned, their messages have been cryptic at best. We just need you to check in on them and see what's taking so long.

<Accept Mission: The Never Ending Sacrifice>

Map Transition: Argus Array

Reach Marker, Action: Hail SFCE

Commander Stahl

Oh, Hi [RankName] [LastName], We were just finishing up the design on the next class starship when you got here! Would you like to take a look?

Branching Dialogue:

1. Sure! Let's see it!
2. Wait a second guys... weren't you supposed to be fixing the Argus Array?
3. Sorry we've got some Lag on the comm line, any chance you could clear it up?

*clicks on 3*

Looks like it's down stream from us coming from your side of things, [Rank] [ShipName], try boosting the gain?

*interact with object*
Reconfigure Communications Proxy
Commline Re-Established

Commander Stahl

"Oh good! It's all cleared up now. Would you like to beam down to check on our progress on the Argus Array?"

<Lets Go>


Map Transition: Argus Array Interior

Setting: Generic Ship
*Dozens of engineers are working on getting the argus array repaired.*


What if there's a middle ground that could be achieved? Couldn't a new tab be added to avaliable missions where, a second foundry database was being pulled in, it'd be labeled something like: Season 4: Community Authored Missions.

They said if they cleared the foundry database entirely they could fix it in a day or two right? So what about this. Screw clearing the database, partition it. Fence in the damaged missions, fix the foundry in 24-72 hours, re open the foundry, let existing authors go through and scan their missions and fix them. Let new authors generate and contribute fresh, undamaged content.

Allow the old authors to resubmit missions after their cleaned up and as part of the resubmission process run a batch process on them of some sort to scan for the problem areas, generate a log file of what went wrong (ie maybe a particular trigger instance, maybe an objective under a particular circumstance that needs to be re worked in), if it comes up dirty, it gets sent back to the author with the log file of problems. They get corrected one last time, and resubmitted to Cryptic for a transfer to the S4-UGC mission list.

Re open the foundry, let new missions and content flow in, let the old authors go through and check and fix their stuff and apply to resubmit their missions by the time any of us got any work done at this point, would it be unfair to expect that the core problems with the foundry would be tracked down, and the older missions could be scanned or updated as their transfered from the old UGC.

Disclaimer, this middle ground solution is only being rendered, because dammit, I'm impaitent, and I still want to be part of the conversation about the foundry, and there's very little left to say until it's back online :\. You know they say the waiting is the hardest part.
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07-23-2011, 09:26 AM
Originally Posted by Armsman View Post
Yes, I'm aware they kept the 'beta' tag - but if you've had it out Live for 4 months (after 5 months on Tribble); and are expanding functionality after those 4 months on Live the 'beta' term is a bit long on the tooth. Ayuthors have asked time and again for better backup tools that would at least cut down on the work needed to recreate any missions lost due to database issues - but we were told time and time again - "Not needed - we keep backups and while we might need to wipe Tribble - Holodeck is a different story..."

The /exportUGC command dose give a backup .txt file, but it's very unwieldy to dig through and recreate maps, dialogue, etc. I wouldn't want a manual import app from a local players hard-drive as it leads to the possible hacking, etc; BUT - the ability to create an easily readable backup file taht one cann use to recreate lost work should be available to authors if Cryptic can't maintain data integrity from one major upgrade to the next. (IMO)

But yes - I realize it's been in beta since December; and as I( said, if they CAN'T get it to work reliably for STO; and maintain database integrity between updates - admit the beta is a failure and give the thing back exclusively to Neverwinter team; and take the STO Foundry team and put them on another asopect of STO - as Dan has said, He has a team the size of a Starbuck's store - so if something doesn't work out - abandon it and put those people on something else then..
Hasn't minecraft been in beta for a few years now?
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07-23-2011, 11:18 AM
Well to sum up how I feel about the foundry I'd like to quote the great Phillip J. Fry; Fix it fix it fix it fix it fix it!! Fix it fix it fix it fix it fix it fix it fix it fix it fix it !!!

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