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The United Fleet Coalition

Giving smaller fleets a larger presence in Star Trek Online!


Our website has been reborn to make it a stronger COMMUNITY website that better supports both the indpendent fleets that are members of the UFC as well as players who wish to be active among and within us.

Check out our new website at http://unitedfleetcoalition.com today and register while there!

Website: http://UnitedFleetCoalition.com

Have you ever been playing Star Trek Online and wanted to take place in a Special Task Force mission or fleet action but lacked teammates to pull it off?

Have you ever had a night where you didn't want to play the game alone or just wanted others around to socialize, but the fleet channel was a bit on the quiet side?

We have reached a point in the evolution of Star Trek Online where to get the most out of certain aspects of the game, you need enough players -- something larger players can more easily handle but smaller fleets find themselves more stretched.

The United Fleet Coalition has been created as an alternative resource to help smaller fleets create a larger presence for themselves without sacrificing their who and what they are.

The U.F.C. is an alliance of smaller fleets that allows each of its member fleets to meet the challenges of group play in Star Trek Online without giving up their independence.

For participating Coalition fleets and their members, can expect the following from and of the U.F.C.:
  • Our website serves as a gathering place for U.F.C. information, resources and coordination efforts.
  • Each fleet that is a member will have one primary representative and an assistant (keeping it simple) that can speak at the U.F.C.'s Fleet Roundtable.
  • Member fleets stand together yet stand independently. The Coalition is not here to tell the fleets how to manage themselves.
  • Unlike some of the other fleet alliance organizations, the U.F.C. has its own website and thus remains separate from any one fleet.

The United Fleet Coalition will offer the following resources:
  • A listing of participating fleets on ithe U.F.C. wevsite along with info on each.
  • Ability for fleet representatives to post news from their fleet on the Coalition website for added cross-fleet communication.
  • Aa shared Google calendar that can be jointly maintained by our member fleets and accessed by their members.This also makes it easier to share events across the fleets with the hope of increased attendance. This calendar can also be easily embedded by fleets on their own websites should they so choose.
  • A community Teamspeak server with both UFC community channels and channels for member fleets as well.
  • A private in-game chat channel will be maintained by the Coalition and be open to all members of the various member fleets. The purpose of this channel is to allow for better cross-fleet teaming and socialization. (Each fleet will have a member with admin privelages to the channel, allowing for easy addition of their fleet's members.)
  • Planned "Coalition" gatherings and events that will happen on an as yet to be determined basis.
  • A private admin forum is being hosted on the U.F.C. website for use by fleet representatives in coordinating discussions / announcements of planned events, general cross-fleet communications, etc.
  • A facebook page has been set up to help keep those interested in the Coalition informed of its news and happenings.

If your fleet is interested in joining the United Fleet Coalition, then let us know!

--- this document remains a work in progress ---

*** A note to all ... If you are a fleet representative and are planning to sign up on the UFC's website, either let us know via this thread that you have done so (or are doing so) or send me a PM.

This is so that we know to approve you on that end as you know how spammers are like tribbles breeding on a Federation starship.

Also, you have to be registered in order to see the forums on the UFC website.
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# 2
07-23-2011, 08:49 PM
Participating "Federation" Fleets

Participating "KDF" Fleets


To those wishing to register on our website at http://unitedfleetcoalition.com and then post in our forums your fleet's desire to join and fight along side us!
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# 3
07-23-2011, 08:52 PM
Currently, the United Fleet Coalition is sponsoring / maintaining the following chat channels in game.

To join one of the following channels, simply open up your chat settings menu ---> select the "chat channels" tab ---> search for the specific channel by name ---> Click add.

UFC : United Fleet Coalition's sponsered primary chat / socialization channel

UFC-STF : United Fleet Coalition's sponsered STF Teaming Channel (Open Membership)

UFC-PvE : United Fleet Coalition's sponsered PvE Teaming Channel (Open Membership)

UFC-PvP : United Fleet Coalition's sponsered PvP Teaming Channel (Open Membership)

UFC-REDALERT : United Fleet Coalition's sponsored Red Alert Channel. This channel is not just for calling out Red Alerts but also in planning coordinated attacks and teaming up against the Borg. Can also help with cross-faction runs as well. Conversation in this channel needs to be kept to target as ... we have the UFC channel for regular socialization (Open Membership)

UFC-RP : United Fleet Coalition's sponsered RP Channel (Open Membership)

UFC-CC : United Fleet Coalition's sponsered RP "Comm Chatter" channel. What this means is that communication on this channel should be in the forum of ship's hails / communications from one ship to another, ship to command, etc. (Open Membership)

UFC-COUNCIL : United Fleet Coalition's Fleet Council Channel (Closed Membership)

*** Note --- Consider these channels as being in beta format as we may tweak and change a few things as we learn and move forward.
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# 4 UFC Recurring Events
07-23-2011, 08:53 PM
The following are UFC sponsored events that take place at set reoccurring times.

Unless stated otherwise, players wishing to participate simply show up in the designated in-game UFC chat channel at the appointed time and state they are looking to participate.


Dates: Takes place every Wednesday and Thursday evenings
Times: 4:00pm EST, 9:00pm EST, 11:00pm EST

Designated In-game Chat Channel:

Faction: Cross-faction teaming

Description: Players meet each Wednesday and Thursday at the appointed times, coming together for team runs at the various STF episodes. Once one STF run is complete, participants can move on to the next and continue going for as long as they wish.

To participate, simply show up in chat-channel "UFC-STF" and let players know you are present and ready to team!

*** Look for more events of different types to be added as we march forward into history!!!
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# 5
07-24-2011, 01:01 PM
It will be fun to watch this project come together, more so as it will only give added strength to smaller fleets.
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# 6
07-24-2011, 02:28 PM
Hey, I just wanted to let you know that I think this is a very good idea, as i dont run a fleet, i cant vouch for the one I am currently in, but if you havent already, i would try getting info about the U.F.C. out online, i think its great youre trying to boost the little guys!
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# 7
07-25-2011, 04:48 AM
CaptainCorvoe ... Thank you for the kind words.

We are doing our best and hoping this indeed helps smaller fleets to be able to have some of the fun enjoyed by some of the bigger fish without having to lose our smaller sense of family.
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# 8
07-25-2011, 07:38 AM
I signed up for the forums. I plan to discuss joining the UFC with my guild's officers. Good work on the site!
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# 9
07-25-2011, 10:30 AM
Originally Posted by Sprint01
I signed up for the forums. I plan to discuss joining the UFC with my guild's officers. Good work on the site!
Got you signed up and set up a section in the forums over there for you to ask any questions you might have and all that.

Thanks for the interest.
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# 10
07-25-2011, 11:31 AM
Same here. Signed up and working with my Fleet Leadership on crafting our first post.

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