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# 1 OPVP What The PVPers Want
07-25-2011, 01:28 PM
We better let them know so they can mess it up OOOPS I mean NOT mess it Up?

Please Don't Do this
Respawn with no real time delay
Undersize Map
Signal capture point
Short capture time
Small number of players allowed per instance
Warp in resets
Any PVE content
There’s more much more but these are petty big!

Would like to see
MIN (Exp 30FED Slots/ 30KDF Slots) Per Instance
Space and ground as part of a systems capture.
Chat channel for each side only viewable by that side.
Ability to see your allies at any place in the map (Not just your team)
Ability to have split control (Making it know to all that that zone is a hot zone)
Ability to have split control Space and ground (Both side hold a base making it a no stop war zone)

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