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08-01-2011, 02:55 AM
Originally Posted by KBFLordKrueg View Post
I find it amazing that so many consider missions made by players the saving grace for the Klingons.
If there is a tool that allows common folks out there to design additional content in a fews days of effort, why is it so tough for missions to be designed by the game developers?
If they could just come up with one new Klingon mission every other month....

I won't do the Foundry stuff, having an inherit problem with players paying to design missions that someone else is making a profit off of.
The Foundry isn't a "saving grace", it's just an ingenius tool for others to make their own mark on the game, share their own creativity, and create more missions than any gaming company could ever hope to do on their own.

And not to be rude, but the logic behind your final sentence is, hands down, the most moronic I think I've ever read on these forums... or maybe even any MMO forum. You're right there with the Night Elf Hunter who claimed Blizzard clearly intended for shadowmeld to make his pet invicinble even while it was sent to gank lowbies. I mean, seriously... people put time and effort into creating a mission, possibly even putting together a good story, and you refuse to play it because they did it for free? Do you think Cryptic should just pay each and every person who makes something with the Foundry, and likely run themselves out of business in the process?

Believe it or not, some people enjoy being creative and seeing the creativity of others. Clearly, you are not one of those people. Sounds to me that the only thing you have an "inherit problem with" is rationale thinking. Have fun farming your anomolies all day and praying for xp boosts, I'm sure that's the freakin' high life right there.
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08-01-2011, 08:35 AM
That is, of course, your opinon that you are free to express.
And I don't pray for anything for this game, since no Deity will make it better.
Besides, with all 6 of my guys, XP is the least of the issues after a year and a half of play.
My first guy hit lvl cap in 28 days after launch with nothing but PvP, back when it was easy to get.
And of course I don't think Cryptic should pay everyone, I think you missed the point.
If anyone can make missions on a regular basis, why can't Cryptic?
And I was referring to the dozens of others who have said if you want new content, use the foundry, when I mentioned "the saving grace".
Enjoy being creative, the rewards for your efforts are all yours.
I shall not participate while players are the only source of new content we've seen in months.
My time is mine to do with what I want, just as yours is.
Enjoy it as I do.
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I only played KDF for over a year and recently decided to roll a Fed-toon.

What I was immediately surprised by, was the low, and I mean low XP points given out for missions, some little more that 16 points. Although there are far more mission to choose from I experienced two things - one, there was hardly any massive XP boosts given like with KDF when you first run the Az. Nebula (Romulan) etc, and others for the first time. You find XP ranging anywhere from 500 XP upwards. Sometimes as high was 1000 XP.

Considering that you if you run these on elite, and attack only heavy targets e.g in Chos Nebula you have to destroy 10 - 12 ships (can't remember exact number), that's an additional 12 - 23 XP per ship. So each time you literally gain a complete level. In Federation play, I have yet to experience anything similar, save for the episode missions.

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