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Hey all,

I've been working on a MVAM Escort build for a little while now. Once I've got the basic layout right I'll work on getting upgraded versions of all the equipment. Just figured I'd post this here and let some folks chime in with ideas and opinions.

Forward Weapons: 2x Tetryon Dual Cannons, Quantum Torp, Tetryon Dual Beam
Borg Deflector
Borg Engines
MK XI Reman Shields
Aft Weapons: 2x Tetryon Beam Array, Quantum Torp
Engineering Consoles: RCS, Field Emitter
Science Consoles: MVAM, Biofunction, Borg
Tactical Consoles: Quantum, Tetryon, Warhead, Prefire

BOff Powers.

Tac CM: Tac Team, Scatter volley, Rapid fire, Pattern Omega
Tac LT: Beam FAW, HYT
Tac EN: Torp Spread

Eng LT: Eng Team, Emergency to Shields

Sci LC: Sci Team, Polarize Hull, Energy Drain

Now, I'm still iffy on the beams in the rear... considered replacing them with turrets for more forward damage but I find them and FAW useful when dealing with fighter or mine spam.

Also still iffy on the Energy drain. I mainly use it in PvP to make opponents activate their science team... but honestly don't know how much good it is doing.

Constructive criticism and suggestions are appreciated
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08-19-2011, 09:05 AM
3 Anti-proton DHC
1 Quantum torp

3 Anti-proton turrets

boff skills depend on if I am using my PvE or PvP set up.
PvE tac team, scatter shot, Torp HY 1 and 3, CRF 1 and 3, pattern omega, sci team, TSS 2, HE 1, EPTS 1, Reverse shield polarity 1. This one slaughters PvE cubes of same level in 7 seconds or less.

PvP Tac team x2, torp HY 1, Pattern delta and omega, CRF 1 and 3, sci team, TSS 3, HE 2, EPTS 1, Reverse shield polarity 1. Have MVAM advanced escort for this build. Note: I win against cruisers 95% of the time with this build.

I designed my builds for those two reasons. PvE max damage minor survivability. PvP max survivability for the escort while still dealing high sustained damage and wait for the right time to alpha strike then toast them. If I need more healing I use Gama section, if I need a more turn rate I use Beta section.

As for the consoles I use the borg, nutronium armor, field generator, mvam, the one from the oberth ship (can't remember what it's called), and 4 cannon prefire chambers, also have the borg engines and deflector so I get the shield regeneration sequencer, the shields are the mkX cap x 3 shields.

Could be wrong on this but I don't think your biofunction monitor is doing you any good, a console only helps if you have the right boff power that it buffs, so check on that and see if your boff powers actually use the skill that your consoles buff.

I think if your going for spam control then you are doing good with beams and FAW. I use turrets myself because I concentrate on one target at a time and don't usually have trouble with avoiding mines and other spam because I am very maneuverable.

Hope this helps you.
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08-19-2011, 09:15 AM
Well, there are lots of topics and tutorials on how to make your build more viable.

Just one thing I'd like to add. An EPS console would be most beneficial for any ship imo. In my defiant I transfer powers to my other subsystems alot of times, depending on the situation. Furthermore I use Beam overloads so then 1 EPS console is always welcome. Well since I dont see you're using beam overload this might be less of value for you.

And it depends, if you always run at a fixed power level setting without changing this, perhaps an EPS console is no good. But mainly I think always 1 EPS console is required. It gives more benefits then one would think.

- Full impulse: Faster drain but also faster recharge when entering combat. (Where your Weapon/Shield power go up faster, and you build up shield resistance faster)
- Beam overloads can benefit from an EPS console. After the -50 energy drain, your weaponpower will go back up faster, meaning more DPS overall in a battle)
- Overall transfer rate to any system;
1. Faster response to chasing someone when under red alert and full impulse is unavailable. Or you want to run yourself so you can quickly transfer power to engines and use Evasive Maneauvres i.e.
2. More survivability if you are in trouble, you can transfer power to your shields or aux faster when needed.

Thus adding an EPS console will quickly double your transfer speed.
I suggest adding at least one beam overload to your build. I use two actually

Just a suggestion and something you might want to consider. Its just that EPS console gives you the greatest boost compared to all other consoles.
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08-19-2011, 09:30 AM
That Oberth console looks interesting. What's the cooldown time on that? I've got the Red Matter from the collectors edition but the cooldown is so long I rarely even use it.

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