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07-28-2011, 11:42 AM
17 should be disregarded. Torps are a hell of a better weapon than BO3 will ever think about being. Or as I like to call it Swing and a miss, another swing and a miss, miss miss miss miss. Oh yay a 4k bo3 hit.

My average torp smacks, range in the 18k range after the two impacts from hy2. If they're rolling hot, up to 45k a Piece.

When I'm doing something for the lulz I put on Bo3, and my double acc ddb. And even with my accuracy trait watch the whole swing and a miss, miss etc happen.

Also torps don't have to wait for that DBB's firing cycle to end in order to go smack someone silly, because they don't fire on Space Bar smashings. I've found that frankly while yes you can argue a bo3 can smack someone's shield facing down, it's incredibly unlikely when the resists are up, and even if it does smack a facing down for a moment, it's doing as much good as a torp did against that shield. Not a whole lot.

Run the math on Nagorak's Dps calculator, Hy2 is a superior burst than Bo3, even after Resists are factored in, and Especially after Accuracy is, with 1 console on torps, vs 4 on the DBB.

My advice, blow tac team as soon as you see a BOP or Escort Decloaking, in the former's case you will be stunned soon, and you're going to need the shield distribution in either case.

Don't run Regen shields with less than 80 unaided shield power.

Don't necessarily wait to torp strike someone while their shield is down. Launch it a moment or two before you feel it's going to collapse, this will often let you get a very nice hit on, before tac team, or a heal can save them.

Tractor beam, is good. Even vs cruisers. Use it well.

CPB is far far more potent than people give it credit for.

Avoid Dual Cannons like the plague, I swear to god it's like they don't actually do the dps that is claimed. If you're going cannons, go Singles or go Dual Heavy.
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07-28-2011, 12:12 PM
My BO 3 hits 9/10 times, and its usualy over 10k dmg if i time it right. But thats for my escort, normaly imma tact cruiser, becausue of this no one targets me no more >_> I can tank 3 ships with no help while doing DPS, 8 beams>Any torpedos. On my escort though, BO 3 and THY 3 nice combo, Nuke shields then 4 quants right to hull for a sweet and quick kill.
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07-28-2011, 01:10 PM
Most people have their camera zoomed in too close to their ship, which creates a massive blind spot behind wherever your camera is in relation to your ship. Zoom out a good deal, while still being able to tell the orientation of your ship, and you will be much more aware of the battlefield.

Turn on health bars for all players, this way you can see the health of enemies you are not targeting.

Decrease your UI scale to create more room to see.

If you can't tell what buffs people have, you probably need glasses.

Rearrange your UI to make your targets health bar and all that be right above your own, that way your eyes have to do less moving across the screen. If your target pane is at the top of your screen like it is by default, then you're not able to see your own health as well. Also, keep your own health indicators and enemies targeting pane close to your ability bars. The closer all this is, the less your eyes have to move, and the more you will notice important stuff going on.

Turn off your level bar at VA. You don't need it.

If you have a cloak, always save evasive maneuvers for an escape. If you don't run away at least when nearing death, and you are in a cloaking ship, you should just go to a non-cloaker; you're wasting your cloak. I suggest having an emergency power to engines when in pugs or low-heals premades/pugmades, as well as engine batteries, and deuterium if you can spare it.

Remember to use reverse to maneuver your ship and keep your enemy in your targeting arcs when it is advantageous to use so. There is no reason to go zipping past your enemy when you're not in their firing arcs. Using reverse or slowing down helps keep your enemy in your targeting arcs, but remain at the highest speed possible, because this ups your defense.

If an enemy is on your tail at high speed, if you reverse they will probably fly right past you, allowing you to go on their tail.

If you have been chased while running, and they catch up to you, when your escape cooldowns are back up, go the opposite way in which they are heading as long as that won't take you into more enemies. This will force them to turn, slowing them down more. Same thing if you're doing your initial escape run.

If you're using cannons, try to stay within 3km of your target, because that is where cannons do max damage. Make sure you are within this range when you unload your cloaked alphas.

While not always the case, usually when someone has the breen set, they are an easy target.

People in Galaxy-Rs and Galaxy-Xs are usually easy targets.

Be careful with subnuke timing - don't pop it the instant you charge into battle - wait until your enemy has used many of their abilities, and is in a bind. A good time is when the enemy has been taken down in shield and hull, and has gotten a ton of buffs put on them by themselves (especially RSP) and allies. They're in a bind, and if you subnuke them at that time, it'll hurt them the most.

Stacking science officer players on your team usually works out well.

Try not to have more than 2 escorts on a premade. Stacking cruisers will make you hard to kill, but will be boring and can lead to matches that never end or last hours.

Don't blow all your heals at once. Have some sort of rotation set up, and try not to overheal. (only for healboats)

If you know you're going to die, don't abandon ship - it never works anyway. Do ramming speed instead - I've gotten plenty of kills this way, and sometimes you survive. Pop your hull and damage resists beforehand if you can. Plus, ramming speed is always fun.

If you have multiple characters in multiple roles, you can switch to another one for the good of your team, or even for the good of the pugs at the time you are playing. Having 4 max level toons, I can switch depending on what my team needs. If we have no scis, I'll hop on my sci MVAM, if i'm pugging, I'll be on my tac in a defiant, or my klingon tac in a bop. Leveling up is incredibly easy and fast. You should be able to hit max level in under 2 days /played if you are a good pvper, with no exp boosts or anything.

Having multiple characters can make pvp more fun too. If you get bored of one ship or setup, you can switch toons or switch specs on toons that are able to or have enough merits at the time. Having at least one max level toon in each class helps you know how the enemy works, all their cooldowns, etc.
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07-28-2011, 02:43 PM
Originally Posted by CaptainHorizon

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07-28-2011, 03:03 PM
Evasive brace for impact ramming speed = big bada boom.

If you pug it mostly ( which most of us do ) don't get all cranky when a premade tears you up. GG, and warp out. Then q again. It will make you happy, I promise.

Chroniton torpedo spreads are fun, and extremely effective on tractor beam/target engine builds. That train of thought can be applied to every build.

As stated above regen shields have to be 80+ power level. 125 almost a must tho. Oh and try one that reduces phaser damage by 20%. Since most people run phasers....

Voice communication and a "wing commander" are a must to play in the deep end of the pool.

If you ARE in the deep end and you have an escort without extend shields 3 on him, he better be darn good.

Tac team is so valuable right now. Just run a copy.

Also mentioned above, the green dipey is rampant again, press the offensive on anyone who throws it out.

Get a team get a team get a team. Join a pvp fleet join a pvp fleet.

Wow I bet we could go on for a while, and since the game is always changing... Fun fun!!
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07-28-2011, 03:21 PM
- Have an engy BOF with Aux to inertial dampeners in place of EPTS2 or RSP.Use it when against BOPs and activate it the moment u hear an Alpha strike in ur back.Neutralizing the shockwave stun cancels out a great deal of enemy advantage.
- Dont underestimate single Cannons.In close combat against fast moving manouverable ships like escorts and bops the 180o arc will produce sustained dps.Same holds true for ships spiralling insanely upwards to stay out of your dual heavies firing ark..Singles may lack the burst dps but can be deadly in such instances.
-Before using skills that are Aux dependant burn an Aux battery...Hazard Emitters (massive healing/resistance) feedback pulse 3 ( massive damage reflected) Scramble sensors ( prolonged lingering of effect) Transfer shield strenghth ( high shield regen and resistance)...
- Of all the different weapon slot set ups ,try the simplest of all : 4 x DHC fore 3 xturrets back ...1 EPS console will suffice.CRF 3-CRF2 Beta 2 Beta 1 ...maybe ,just maybe its better than any q torp or DBB with BO...
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07-28-2011, 05:42 PM
In regards to BO3...

Not sure what some are talking about in this thread. Sure, it misses at times, or 'glances' at times--and yes that can get frustrating--but this doesn't seem to happen as often as is being suggested here. It seems to produce effective results more often than not--either hitting a hull very hard, or completely dropping a facing shield. If you time it right, and use it at the most opportune moment, you can get some pretty decent mileage out of it in my experience.
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07-28-2011, 07:28 PM
Some obvious ones but still probably need to be in here.

- If you can't cloak but your teammates can, don't fly around in the middle of their formation. Besides giving away they're location, you also put them in danger of being hit by any aoe sent your way. Instead try to position yourself close enough that you can support each other but far enough to remove them from harm.

- When the rest of your team is dead its probably not a good idea to run towards the spawn point. Your teammates will be happy if they don't spawn in combat.

- PvP is a team sport so stay with your team. Remember, a lone ship is soon to be a dead ship.

- Most importantly, fear the Goomba for it is mighty.
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07-28-2011, 08:25 PM
I wanna add this...

-Either killit with a big dmg burst or dont kill it, use hard hitters not sustained hitters.
-Putting a trico as an aft weapon=deadly for them BOPs going in for an alpha strike behind you
-Dont use Harpengs
-Have atleast 1 Shield buff and 1 hull heal and 1 shield heal, TSS=heal, EPtS=buff
-Dont chat when facing an enemy that cloaks.
-have a good healer
-target the weakest ship in the pack. Target Escorts then sci, then cruisers then carriers.
-keep the enemys spawns at a minium, have someone clear mines, fighters, Photonic fleets, and fleet supports. They may seem to be useless, BUT when there are 50 fighters 20 photonic ships 4 fleet supports and 500 mines, you will get destroyed. Kill em as they spawn or have a Scramble sensoros ready make all those ships work for you
-bind /target hale to a key.
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07-28-2011, 10:12 PM
Originally Posted by Crow_Splat
- If you can't cloak but your teammates can, don't fly around in the middle of their formation. Besides giving away they're location, you also put them in danger of being hit by any aoe sent your way. Instead try to position yourself close enough that you can support each other but far enough to remove them from harm.
Something to add here... don't target your cloaked allies. I don't know how many enemy cloakers (kling+fed) I have found in my sci ship because one of their team told me where they are.

If you use tricobalts learn to be patient. Because of their loooong CD they are no weapon to be used at any time.

Don't leave a match. Yes it might be frustrating to fight a good premade and you won't win but you can learn a lot of them. If you leave all your matches against elite PvPers and only fight against average PvPers you will never become part of the elite. You thought you have the perfect tank build because noone was able to kill you? Trust me they will find a hole in your defense and use it to their advantage. You can only improve your build/playstyle if you know what it is lacking. Also pick one of them and watch him. What skills is he using, when is he using them, how does he attack? Watch and learn. And hey there is nothing more satisfying than to get a kill against a good premade.

STAY WITH YOUR TEAM. If the nearest ally is 15km away turn around. No healer in the entire game can heal you if you are too far away (well maybe Era can but he is full of hax anyway :p j/k).

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