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I've found I really like the look of the academy uniforms in the All Good Things color scheme, with some extra Jupiter bits like the belt but still feel like they're missing SOMETHING. My favorite uniforms so far are the Jupiter vet, Jupiter C-Store pants and belt, Academy, and AGT combadge.

I'd really like to see an original uniform with a new combadge design. I like the "Yesterday's Enterprise" black cuffs. I'd like a uniform with sleeve stripes for rank. (The Cryptic designed uniforms have tended to use breast pips but have used neck pips occasionally.) I like uniforms with a <-shaped breast cut or double breasted look. I like asymmetrical elements like the cut of the TNG uniforms' color areas or the over the shoulder rank fastener on the WoK uniforms.

I would like more tops with a jumpsuit-style cut as everything has an untucked jacket cut aside from the vintage uniforms and that was a defining element of most Berman-era uniforms.
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07-29-2011, 04:40 PM
I'm pretty content with the Sierra-1 uniform. I kind of consider it Starfleet's default uniform in STO. The addition of extra pieces to round it out really pleased me. I just wish the Sierra 1 skirt actually matched better to the Sierra 1 top akin to like how the TOS nurse top and skirt mesh almost seamlessly together (while retaining some standalone-ness). The Sierra 1 top (including the open jacket version) also needs a texture update to be consistent with the texture quality of the Sierra skirts.

I do relate with your impression with the Starfleet Academy uniform. The cut of it is fairly nice, the skirt's dimension too (it looks womanly and mature - had a Sierra textured skirt shared the same cut, I probably would've liked it very much), and it's an interesting return to more fabric-style materials. I was disappointed to see TNG neck pips rather than more modern squarish STO ones, but meh.

The Jupiter uniform look quite detailed, but that same quality is why I've don't use them: some are interesting, I feel they look overdone. I'm not too fond of the belts so far - I don't feel they integrate well with the uniform... though that could be conservative habit speaking.
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07-30-2011, 11:49 AM
I love coats. I love military coats. I'd like to see more coats like the Vice Admiral coat. Speaking of which, that coat really deserves a texture makeover to bring it up to par with the detail of the Jupiter outfits. Perhaps more belts and gloves would also be great. I'd like to see some form of mid to long type of gloves. Nothing flashy like the Klingons have with those wrist pieces, just something a bit longer that covers the wrists.

What would also be neat to see is class-specific uniforms and costume pieces. A tactical vest for tactical officers, a medical/science coat for science officers, and a short-sleeve Engineer's uniform for engineering officers, along with appropriate costume props for each.

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