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Now that Rare and Very Rare 'Efficient' Saurian BOs are being posted on the Exchange, its interesting to compare and see what the differences are...

All 'Efficient' Saurian BOs have the following Traits....
  • 'Efficient' (but of course...)
  • Basic Saurian Strength (Racial Trait)
  • Natural Immunities (Racial Trait)

'Efficient Saurians will have 1 more Trait...
  • Uncommon: a Basic Trait
  • Rare: a Basic Trait
  • Very Rare: a Superior Trait

In other words... As far as Traits go, there are no differences between a Uncommon and Rare 'Efficient Saurian BOs... (Skills are a different matter, but Uncommon 'Efficient' Saurians can be 'Train Up' to have equal or better Skills then a 'Efficient' Rare Saurians)

So if you already have 'Efficient' Saurians, is it worth while to upgrade your crew??? If you have different sets of BOs for Space and Ground missions, the answer is NO!!!, as in Space, there is no functional difference between a Uncommon 'Efficient' and the others... And for Ground missions, you're better off with a non-Efficient Saurian, as no matter how you look at it, 'Efficient' is only a Space trait, and a non-Efficient BO (with an additional Ground combat Trait) will be slightly better...

(Though I wonder if that additional 'Basic' trait for 'Efficient' Rare Saurians is a mistake. Shouldn't it be just a 'Normal' Trait instead of a 'Basic' one???)

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