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# 1 When will....
07-31-2011, 12:47 PM
We are now 18 months in and the dev team has done a great job with polishing things in game from ESD to Ground Combat. So my question is when will we start to see the following or at least hear the devs thoughts on:
  1. Exploration
  2. Resource Gathering
  3. Meaningful Crafting System

Has suffered and suffered by no attention as each month goes by. To start off with, no one likes swimming in a fish bowl!! For 18 months it has been painful and somewhat of a stain on this rapdily improving game. Many many months ago I suggested changing the format from a "fish bowl" to a treadmill to give you the "sense" that you are traveling in one direction. Think of the old movies when they were in a stationary car but they moved the back drop!

There defiantely needs to be more diversity in mission types. Seriously moving up to an "anomaly" and scanning it is just silly and uncomplicated and thus not engaging fun gameplay. Why noy Boff triggers, random system messages? etc...

We are patiently waiting on the "limitless exploration" and return to previously explored planets we were promised years ago.

Resource Gathering
Need I say more, it also suffers from any form of complexity. I mean adding in the mini-game was a big step forward but from there the process of polishing it has stahled (pun intended). Although tied into exploration and other opportunities on exploration maps, simply swimming in the small fish bowl is your best option if you want to be a serious crafter. Adding this into the treadmill idea why not seperate it by having nebula, asteroid belts, etc... spawn that the player can go to if they want to play a resource gathering minigame. The current iteration we have, like I said, is a step but many more things need to be done to make this a viable and enjoyable gameplay system.

Crafting has gotten some tweaks and balances and even new recipes as the polish progresses. However, it is at its core a stale system that is basically a timed token transfer. Adding stages to it does not make it more complex, but rather silly and not at all crafting really. When I look back at all the things I have crafted in game, none are distinct, no one knows I have made it, and there is not a single item I can be proud I have made. Why is that, because the system is over-simplified. Sure, making some basic equipment that is on par with looted or reward is good, the more avenues to get an item the better, but there is nothing distinct about crafting. Many many months ago, when we were given more recipes we were promised a crafting update, and extension or overhaul. That too seems to have fallen off the radar.

These three areas in the game really suffer and are somewhat tied together, among others. The real crux is as other systems in the game progress and become more complex, it really begins to show what systems are in dire need of re-working. I am sure the Doff and Department Head systems will offer more complexity, but still players I think would like some sandbox to play in, so there are things to do in between major content pushes that are not overly repititious. Just take a look at the various MMOs out there that offer crafting for example, and start a model after the best ones suited for this engine.

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