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# 1 The Ambri Directorate
08-03-2011, 07:47 AM
After (a roughly estimated) 48 hours of total work time I have published the first part of my first ever Foundry mission:

The Ambri Directorate: Part I - The Antigen

Discover a mysterious race, their origins, their goals and their fears.

This mission takes the crew on a chase across the Beta Quadrant, fighting a battle on many fronts, all in an attempt to find out who killed the crew of the ASV Voxha and why. In the process the crew will meet a mysterious race, uncover a dark plot and make a new ally.

- Dialogue driven story
- Space and ground combat
- Approximate play time: 40 minutes (at Ensign grade 1, with a stock ship)

Come and discover the Ambri Directorate!

Part II coming soon!

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