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Welcome to a guide on how to fight the Borg

I've done quite a few STFs lately and found out that a LOT of people just seem to do it all wrong and then complain how hard it is to do STFs, so i decided to make a guide on how to properly fight the Borg

The guide is split into 3 sections:
  • Before the battle
  • During the battle
  • After the battle

Before the battle:

-Make sure that every one of your Bridge Officers has a Frequency Remodulator

-Make sure Your team has proper skills:

NOTE: these powers apply to Your captain, aswell.



Fire On My Mark
Photon Grenade
Battle Strategies


Sweeping strikes
Stealth Module





Emergency power to shields
Quantum mortar fabrication
Phaser turret fabrication
Seeker drone fabrication


Weapons malfunction
Fuse armor
Shield recharge



Nanite health monitor
Vascular regenerator
Medical tricorder
Gravimetric shift


Thermal vent

-Equip Your Bridge Officers with a weapon:

You only really need 4 sets of Bridge Officer equipment, however You might aswell equip all of the BOFFs with some weapons and armors

Weapons you can buy with Badges of exploration 5th order work fine (unless ur planning to go elite difficulty, then consider Mark of Exploration grade weapons or better for a smooth run)

Same goes for armor and shields

But what to get?


Should be all of the SAME energy type or have You and Your BOFFs have all the different energy typess (4 on BOFFSs, 2 on Yourself)

same energy type:


Remodulating of your BOFFs removes their resistance for You aswell so You do NOT have to remodulate (this is something i experienced, it is possibly a bug, will update if is)

The secondary effect of that particular energy type (proc) is very likely to occur


lack of other procs

6 energy types:


all around procs


u have to remodulate

Type of weapon:


-pulsewave assault (later reffered to as "shotgun", it pretty much works like one)
-high density beam rifles
-also useful are sniper rifles

still ok:

-compression pistols(only secondary)
-stun beam pistols(only secondary)
-wide beam pistols (only secondary)
-split beam rifle(only secondary)
-blast assault(only secondary)

HIGHLY unrecommended:

any rapid fire weapon, including:

-full auto rifle

borg adapt based upon the number of bolts that u hit them with rather than number of attacks, so they adapt after 1 minigun atk (approx 15-20 bolts) and after 3-5 shotgun attacks (it varies from encounter to encounter, haven't been able to pinpoint factors that would effect this)


anything with [reg]

other useful procs:

plasma damage reduction
Knockback of nearby enemies upon damage


Highly recommended:

Energy dampening armor with:



Not so recommended:

Pollyweave armor with same procs as energy dampening armor


have replicated small hypos, they can really help u in a pinch

During the battle:

Im going to presume You're using shotguns for this part of the guide

Before You actually engage LARGER groups of Borg mobs, You should replicate mortars You have available. They have long range and can fire without a line of sight

Depending on how You play, there's 3 basic tactics against the Borg:

Shotgun bomb:

Run close to the group and fire a secondary attack shot, damaging all drones in a large area for a large ammount of damage.
This should be performed by rolling so You use crouch to deal more damage
After You've let off a secondary attack, begin backing up, and rejoin your BOFFs


Ensign-level drones receive a large ammount of damage


If there's Heavy tac drones or Elites, You are very likely to die doing this even on normal setting. Normal tac drones usually get knocked back too, however, so they aren't that much of a problem.

Sticking Far:

Approach a group at 20m and start blasting
Normal shotgun attacks have 50% chance to repel so You can quite succefully keep even large groups away

Using mortars and turrets for this tactic is very useful.


Keeps Your team unassimilated

Appropriate for open spaces


Low damage of shotguns makes this tactic rather slow killing, mortars make it faster

Sticking close:

WARNING, this tactic is NOT a good idea for beginners. You have been warned.

Have Your whole team move in close to the Borg and begin blasting (5-10m), using everything at Your disposal, including roots, knockbacks and such. This tactic takes practice. LOTS of it.


If You do it right, not even Heavy or Elite tac drones will last long


Ec expendures for those regenerators You die a lot trying to learn it



covering different kits:

Bunker fabrication:
almost purely defensive, good for tough fights

Medical generator fabrication
Force field dome
Shield generator fabrication
Phaset turret fabrication

This kit comes in handy when u want to outheal a group. Use cover shield to cover med generator, shield generator and force dome and set your turret near your cover shield for maximum effect

Fabrication specialist:
very offensive, has basic healing

Medical generator fabrication
Quantum mortar fabrication
Seeker drone fabrication
Phaser turret fabrication

While it is very offensive, it has a medical generator and can still perform as a support kit if ur team has enough healing abilities. Use cover shield to cover ur med generator and mortar and use seeker drone and turret to dish out a lot of additional damage (for example: a team of 5 engineers in pvp with this kit is pretty much unstoppable due to mortar support, 10 drones and shield heals+hypos)

Enemy neutralization:

Transphasic bomb
Chronitron mine barrier
Fuse armor
Weapons malfunction

Good for bombing out an enemy then slowing him down and reducing his damage, basically an assasination kit.

Support technician:

Fuse armor
Equipment diagnostics
Weapons malfunction
Shield recharge

A tanking kit. Eq diagnostics provide a large resistance bonus, weapons malfunction reduces enemy damage, fuse armor slows enemies down. Good if you have healers in ur group.

Breach engineer:

Seeker drone fabrication
Quantum mortar fabrication
Combat supply
Shield recharge

As the name suggests this kit is useful for taking out an enemy before engaging in battle. Currently, however, the drone gets killed too quickly and enemies usually move around too much to be hit by the mortar.

Equipment technician:

Combat supply
Equipment diagnostics
Shield generator fabrication
Quick fix

This is the only kit with quick fix, which provides not only a heal for fabrications but also a on-click nearly instantenous remodulation to borg adaption and is therefore useful in that way. So if ur team has enough heals, quick fix can really make borg killing easier.


If fighting heavy/elite tac drones, a good idea is to run to his back and make him come to you, so Your BOFFs have a flanking bonus. But be prepared for large ammounts of damage.

After the battle:

Remodulate Your weapon and don't rush to the next fight mindlessly

A few final words about STFs:

Work as a group and read tutorials on how to do them.

Also, listen to people who have done it before, as rushing somewhere u havent been to before and dont know what's about to happen in STFs is a really bad idea.

And to sum things up

These tactics work effiecently against all species, but you can use other weapon setups such as miniguns, full auto rifles and so on

That's all folks, i'll be adding STF guides to the 2nd post soon

please let me know if you see anything missing in the guide and post feedback

ATM working on:

Infected guide

class specific guides:
-engineer half finished
-sci and tac not started

Planning to work on:

Cure guide
Khitomer Accord guide

Maybe video guides for STF missions

Edit 1:

Changing colors, making guide more readable
Adding shields and armor section

Edit 2:

Clarified what a shotgun is in this guide in "what type of weapon" section

further readability updates

Edit 3:

Started on Infected guide

Edit 4:

updated type of weapon section (credits to Latinmber for reminding me)
started on class specific guides

Edit 5:

class specific guides now getting organized by kits instead of powers (credits to Latinumber)
engineering specific guide updated

Edit 6:

Infected guide updated
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# 2
07-31-2011, 07:17 AM
reserved for STF guides

Special Task Force mission no.1: Infected

Starting out:

You can get this mission by reaching level 46 (Rear Admiral Upper Half 1/Brigadier General 1(i think its bg)) and using the available tab in missions menu

For this mission you will need:
  • 2 Engineers, in rare cases 1 but that Eng will have to be REAAAAALY good as keeping up that cover shield on last boss is tricky by yourself (guide on how to do it provided at the end)
  • atleast 1 Sci, preferably 2
  • Rest Tac officers

NOTE: These suggested kit layouts are NOT required, but are highly recommended.

Engineers should have:

Mk ix or x:

Bunker Fabrication kit
Fabrication specialist kit

Alternatively, you can use:
Support Technician kit

Science officers should have:

Mk ix or x:

Borg medical analyzer kit - HEALING AND SHIELD DRAIN KIT
Medic kit - HEALING KIT
Physicist kit - DAMAGE KIT

Tac officers should have:

Mk ix or x:

Squad leader kit
Fire team kit

Beginning the mission:

You can get this missions once u hit Rear Admiral Upper Half 1 (Brigadier General 1) from Captain D'vak.
Begin it by assembling a team and entering the Sibiran system in the Gamma Orionis sector block.


If people ask how to get a mission, what a frequency remodulator is, how to get there or any such questions, i truly recommend u reconsider taking him/her along. A person that doesn't know or is unwilling to learn how to do an STF mission should NOT be brought along. They will slow u down and most likely make u fail the mission as all missions except Infected have points where u can fail the mission (infected's boss is high night impossible without the whole team knowing what to do, however).

Space portion #1:

As u enter the Sibiran system, u see several Borg probes, spheres and 2 cubes.
Your first priority should be to kill the cubes. I know it doesn't seem like it, but STF cube explosions hurt. A LOT. So if you take out the cubes first, those pesky spheres and probes will be badly damaged before u even begin to take them down.

Once both of the cubes are down, destroy the probes, then the spheres.


If only 1 person continues the chatbox, the gate's shield will drop briefly and a large ammount of Borg probes will warp in.

Before you initialize the gate-killing part, make sure ur entire team is positioned within firing distance BEHIND the gate (relative to ur starting point and the starbase) - 5-6 km from the gate when it goes down is about the optimal distance from my experience.

This way, ur team can unleash fury on the gate when its shield drops and still stay out of the firing range of the warping-in Borg ships.

Now, about the 3 floating doughnuts around the gate:

These transmitters, if destroyed, reduce the ammount of Borg ships that warp in the next wave. HOWEVER, if ur team destroys just one, Rebecca Simmons and the Tactical Cube that spawns, will NOT give u a borg MK X killer (a ground or space weapon with the options [borg], which adds additional damage, usually an antiproton weapon). So the choice really depends on ur team.

The tactics to destroying the gate:

Use abilities such as:

Beam overload
Cannon rapid fire
Torpedo: High Yield

Attack pattern Alpha, Beta or Omega
Fire on my Mark

to decrease the gate's damage resistance. If your team doesn't have many of these, the gate will go down slowly.

For example:

A team of 4 cruisers and a sci ship i was on took 30 mins to destroy the gate since we only had quantum torpedoes and beams in front. We also had only 1 tac officer with Fire on my mark.

Another team i was on with 1 sci ship, 1 cruiser and 3 escorts where we had 4 beta patterns, 3 fire on my mark and 3 tricobalt torpedoes, only took 1 sweep to destroy the gate to 25%

Once you get the gate to 25% health, a lone Tactical Cube will appear. this monstrosity has more hp than the gate and has much tougher plating, ergo, debuffs are nearly a neccesity. In any case, once u destroy the tac cube, the gate will no longer raise its shields and once u destroy it, u receive 1 purple mk x reward
(the rewards section is at the end of the guide)

The destruction of the tac cube concludes the space part of Infected. Off to kill a bunch of drones on Starbase 82 folks! Beam down and let the slaughter begin.

Rewards of STF missions:

Rear Admiral:
5 Marks of Valor for each fully completed mission(1-3-1)

Vice Admiral:
5 Emblems for each Fully completed mission (1-3-1)


3/4 parts of the Borg assimilated technology set:
  • Subtranswarp engines - Infected
  • Assimilated graviton deflector array - The Cure
  • Assimilated regenerative shield array - Khitomer Accord

Borg killer space weapons:

Mk X very rare antiproton (most of the time) energy weapons or Tricobalt ship mines/ torpedo launchers
with the tag [borg]
Essentially, it provides a large damage bonus to Borg with a large percentage to happen (10% for 1000 dmg)

Mk X very rare ship components:

Impulse engines

Shield arrays:
-all kinds
-usually have an [ap] tag, providing a damage reduce bonus to antiproton weapons

Deflector arrays
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# 3
07-31-2011, 07:29 AM
The only shotguns I know of is that one from the Target CE, which I cant find anymore...
Lt. Commander
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# 4
07-31-2011, 08:38 AM
ah lol, right, i meant pulsewave assault, fixing it now
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# 5
07-31-2011, 09:45 AM
Ah ok... Ive been using those. They are OP now with S4. I love it. lol
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# 6
08-01-2011, 05:40 AM
yeah, i can easily hit 600s with a flanking maneuver with the secondary attack lol (engineer)
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# 7
08-01-2011, 06:32 AM
Those work well as do sniper rifles. Another tip I picked up on quick was remodulating and counting shots before I had to. As well as finding cover if in the middle of a fight so cover shield works well.
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# 8
08-01-2011, 01:16 PM
hmm yes ill be working on class-specific tactics once i find the will to get my sci up to speed

pretty much anything with mass knockbacks works against the borg but snipers are 1 target knockbacks ergo shotguns tend to work a bit better, but snipers are a good opening damage dealer as well as they have longer range, i'll update that
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# 9
08-01-2011, 04:26 PM
Multiple shot weapons (like minigun or full auto sweep) are not good against the borg. They adapt on a per bolt basis. So if you use the secondary attack of the minigun even once, they will be adapted to it, sometimes even before the gun has finished discharging.
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# 10
08-01-2011, 05:34 PM
updated guide, hoping to see more feedback

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