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Greetings everyone.

After working on this mission since before the Foundry went offline this last time, I'm ready to receive some reviews and suggestions on it. I've put probably 60 - 70 hours of work into the mission, so I'm hoping everything is working okay.

I have tested it myself in the game after publishing, most everything seems to be working. There are a couple glitches, which I'll explain below.

The mission is called "The Secret of Rojab - Part 1"

Before anyone plays it, here are my notes:

- I was apparently too optimistic when it comes to the "wander" feature for the NPCs. I only used this in one map, and they're just running around like idiots. This particular map is a bit customized, so maybe the walls and such are confusing them. Either way, I'll remove them in the final build.

- The dialogs in the mission mention being attacked by squadrons of enemy ships, and almost always refer to there being more than one. However, sometimes only one enemy ship spawns. I don't know how to fix this, it seems to be random.

- This mission is very story driven. There isn't a whole lot of combat. My goal was to make it feel like the player is taking part in a real TV episode. With that in mind, please don't play the mission and then review it badly because you didn't get to blow more stuff up. I'm looking for serious, objective reviews. If you can't do that, then please don't review the mission.

I believe that's everything. I am really hoping to get some good reviews, feedback, and suggestions on this mission. This is my first major undertaking in the Foundry, and I'm not one of those people who gets upset at constructive criticism and suggestions.

Thank you in advance to anyone who plays the mission and then takes the time to help me improve my work. Feel free to contact me here or in the game.



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