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Trying to compare something you want to sell on the exchange to something you can make is an absolute nightmare. Here's what I would suggest for it.

1. Have the exchange be able to tell you more than 400 results, 400 is the max amount you can get, not the max amount of results there actually are.

2. Have the exchange have an option with checkboxes to search for items with suffixes, such as [acc] [CrtD] [dmg] [Dmg]x2 [CrtH] etc. I actually have to write down on a piece of paper the suffixes of things I can make in Memory Alpha, to be able to keep track. Two nights ago I kept constantly running back and forth from the exchange to the crafting table.

3. Have the ability to compare something you are selling on the exchange to the exact same item already on the exchange, just right click, and it would show you what other people are selling that exact same item (including suffixes) on the exchange

4. The ability to reprice something without taking it off the exchange first.

5. The ability to view, (but not buy or sell) anything on the exchange without actually being there. It would be very less inconvienient if I could have both the exchange window and the crafting window up at the same time. If I see something that's on the exchange I could search to see if it was craftable, without running back and forth from the exchange and the research and development table. Or, better, just right click something in the exchange and see if it's craftable (and/or you have the skill ability to craft it)

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