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# 1 Ship Name stories and reasons
08-04-2011, 07:44 PM
i am basically starting this thread because i am wondering why you named your ship what you did.

as for myself, i am currently a tac officer with an Akira escort which is my current ship which i have named the USS - Anubis. NCC-94840

the reason i called her this is because i love ancient egypt, and Anubis the god of death is one of my favorite deities, and being in a warship seems very fitting i think

once i hit captain, i have been told that the defiant classes are one of the toughest ships in game pvp wise, and i have picked the name USS - Sunbreaker NCC-92812 (not really a reason here just like the name

but how about the rest of you guys what were the reasons your named your ship what you named it?
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# 2
08-04-2011, 08:04 PM
USS Warrior Angel (series Original to G) NCC198908-- mainly due to I thought it fit the cruiser line.

USS Odyssey (coming Fall 2011) NCC198914- For a change in name and for the journey through life, death, rebirth, stars, and the unknown. It certainly fits Star Trek in general I think. So would a promotion to Admiral. (jk)
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# 3
08-05-2011, 01:50 AM
I just hit Captain with my Sci Character yesterday and got my LSV. I named it John M. Kelly after the Commander of the Ares IV Mission from VOY: One small step.
My Tac VA uses a Advanced Escort named the U.S.S. Avalon. I loved the Ship at first sight in VOY and just liked the name.
My Eng Officer is currently Commander and flyes a Heavy Cruiser named U.S.S. Midway. Cruisers always have names of important or historical places.
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# 4
08-05-2011, 04:17 AM
Well, initially I used to follow a specific pattern:

Science vessels (which I use mostly) - Scientists names (USS Cassini, USS Heisenberg, USS Faraday);

Cruisers - Mythological names (e.g. USS Centaur, USS Ulysses, USS Athena);

Escorts - Military definitions (e.g. USS Centurion, USS Praetorian, USS Sentinel);

The "USS Praetorian" name dates back to my Starfleet Command III days, where my main Romulan vessel, a Raptor-class battlecruiser, was named IRW Praetorian.

Recently, I broke the guideline and named my Intrepid-R as "USS Persephone" - I simply like the name
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# 5
08-05-2011, 04:52 AM
I have a whole slew of ship names, but I'll go with the names for the "final" ships:

U.S.S. Kearsarge (NCC-379806) - I'm a Civil War buff and I like the name Kearsarge. The ship was the name of a starship I was going to use for a Star Trek related story I was trying to write, but couldn't make it work. The ship registry was actually NCC-79806, but with the registry in game limited to between 90002 and 999999, I added the 3 to make it match.

I.K.S. Drahkos II - I like dragons, and the name seemed fitting for a ship commanded by a Gorn character.

U.S.S. Housatonic (NCC-112061) - Just like the Kearsarge, I named this ship after a Civil War vessel; in this case, named after the Union warship that was the first ship to be sunk by a submarine. It was an unusual name, one that I don't think had been in a Star Trek series before.

U.S.S. Albemarle (NCC-210864(-A)) - Like the Kearsarge and Housatonic, named after a Civil War vessel, a Confederate ironclad. I actually meant this ship to be the "mid" ship for my Fed engineer (the same one who uses the Housatonic), but I liked the name so much I used it for a Sovereign-class starship.

I.K.S. Sekhmet - I have a slight facination with Egyptian mythology, and I figured the goddess of war from that pantheon was a fitting name for a Klingon warship, even it if was a Bird of Prey. In fact, all the ships the character used were named after gods of war from various pantheons, though I tried to avoid the obvious ones.

U.S.S. Godspeed (NCC-140507-A) - My history interest strikes again with this ship, which is named after one of the three ships that brought the English colonists to Jamestown. I figured that it was a fitting name for a ship captained by a character I made a doctor in her bio.

I.K.S. Qetesh - As with I.K.S. Sehkmet, I went with a theme naming for my new character, who is an Orion, as is her bridge crew. As such, all the ships are/will be named after gods of love from various pantheons. Her current ship, the Qetesh, is the Sumarian/Egyptian goddess of fertility. The final planned ship, the Agape, is apparently a Greek word that is translated as "love" in English - though I thought I'd seen a god/goddess by that name. Ah well.
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# 6
08-05-2011, 05:32 AM
My main engineer Flies a few ships. Each on he Pilots tell something about him/me. My Main Ship is a Nomad Cruiser Named after my Daughter. U.S.S. Kathryn Lenore. Also the Dreadnaught I fly is the U.S.S. Red Sox. My Galaxy Retrofit is the U.S.S. Snowden. I name most of my ship for people and certain places or things I hold dear. I guess I'm sentimental or something haha
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# 7
08-05-2011, 07:11 AM
Flying the newly commisioned U.S.S. Manhattan. Because of of the Manhattan project I thought it made a good name.
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# 8
08-05-2011, 07:34 AM
I sometimes go with themes for my ship names for each character, but I don't follow it that strictly once I tire of the convention. I also tend to change to the numbers so that everything after the initial "9" is a date relevant to the name.

My Tac VA flies the following:

USS Old Glory - NCC-91776 : Defiant-R, I just named it after the US flag, and since it is a warship and an older design, I think the name fits.

USS Sentinel - NCC-91941: MVAM escort, this is a recent choice and I realize the name is common. The difference for this one is that the date 1940 indicates that I named this after the "Sentinel of Liberty", or in other words my favorite superhero Captain America. 1941 is the year in which the comic was first published.

USS Jayne Cobb - NCC-9????: a fleet escort. I love the show Firefly, and I figured a warship could bear the name of my favorite mercenary. Clearly not canonical, but who's to say that there wasn't a heroic Jayne Cobb in some battle somewhere in our huge Federation space?

USS Invictus - NCC-91875: I love the poem "Invictus" published in 1875 by William Ernest Henley. It also translates to "unconquerable".

My Engineer VA flies the following ships, named for (mostly) an American theme:

USS Repubic - NCC-91787: Sovereign class assault cruiser, named after the founding of the US republic in 1787.

USS Patrick Henry - NCC - 91736: Galaxy-X Dreadnought

USS Thomas Paine - NCC-91737: Galaxy-R cruiser

USS Ron Paul - NCC-92012: Star cruiser, some subtle campaigning there for the good doctor

USS William Wallace - NCC-91305, Excelsior refit, named after the Scottish hero as depicted in "Braveheart"

My science VA flies the following:

USS Lewis and Clark - NCC-91804, Nebula refit, named after the famed explorers and my ancestor Meriwether Lewis.

USS Epiphany - NCC-91856, Intrepid refit, explained as a top secret test bed for a variety of advanced systems, the regisrty number is a nod to the birth of Nikola Tesla

USS Archimedes - NCC-99287, named after the famous Greek inventor/engineer

USS Carl Woese - NCC-91928, recon sci vessel, named for my academic great, great grandfather (those of you with PhDs will understand what I mean) and discoverer of the Archaea division of organisms

I have a few other lower level characters, but I don't play them as often as these three.
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# 9
08-05-2011, 10:40 AM
My ships:

1) U.S.S. Cutlass- a series of cruisers- N.C.C.-91964(A-C) named after the auto, definately a cruise type car, of Oldsmobile fame. Also after the sword, the jet fighter, and the WWII submarine. As is the: Dynamic and Holiday(trim levels on Old's of yore)

2) U.S.S. Kittyhawk- A tounge in cheek nod to the historical ship and my Catian character, as are; Laser Pointer, and Morris.

3) U.S.S. Space Hawg- My Galaxy X (no need for further elaboration)
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# 10
08-06-2011, 06:24 PM
I use the ships from the Horatio Hornblower novels -- Hotspur, Indefatigable, Nonsuch, etc.. my main character is a tactical officer named after a tac officer secondary character from a set of science fiction novels loosely based upon the Hornblower novels. So, they're indirectly connected but not too obvious.

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