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08-13-2011, 01:35 AM
Originally Posted by War-General View Post
though i am considering going with Broken Arrow after the military term used to call for all possible reinforcements when overrun. not using as "i need the reinforcements" but as " i AM the reinforcements"
Isn't "Broken Arrow" the Term for a lost nuclear weapon?
But it's a nice name anyway!
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08-13-2011, 05:53 AM
For my end game characters:

USS Aurora - Stargate reference, the Aurora was an Aurora class Lantean ship lost at the edge of the Pegasus galaxy. Its an Intrepid class ship this one, so being lost far away kinda seemed suitable. lol

USS Kitten - My character for this is a Caitian, and the ship's a heavy-hitting escort, so figured a cat related cute name was in order.

USS Draco - Named after the dragon from Dragonheart. In the film, Draco gives a dying character (Einon) a piece of his heart so he may live. Suitable I thought for a healer Star Cruiser thats brought some players back from the brink of death! Plus I like dragons.

USS S'harien - The Vulcan swordsmith who was known for making the best swords on Vulcan. Since this is a Tractor Beam Repulsor based build, the three TBR beams are in reference to S'hariens 'final three swords' in the TOS novel "The Romulan Way".

USS Naquadah - Stargate reference, its the energy-enhancing material used to build the gates... and I always thought it was a cool sounding name.

USS Anubis - Named after the jackal-headed Egyptian god of death/afterlife. Seems appropriate for STO since when people die, they simply have another life and respawn.... and I die a lot in this Excelsior.
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08-13-2011, 09:50 AM
Originally Posted by Cpt.Alistair
Isn't "Broken Arrow" the Term for a lost nuclear weapon?
But it's a nice name anyway!
So it is. Still works for the stay away or be destroyed idea though so i still might go with that next ship i get.
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08-13-2011, 10:10 AM
My main character commands the Luna-class U.S.S. Sedna, her namesake being 90377 Sedna, a planetoid and likely a dwarf planet in the Sun's far outer Solar System. That planetoid in turn was named by the ones whom discovered it after the Inuit goddess of the sea.

Previous commands include...

U.S.S. Murasaki - a Quasar-class science vessel named after the in-universe Murasaki 312, a quasar-like electromagnetic phenomenon.

U.S.S. Prospero - a Miranda-class light cruiser named after the protagonist of The Tempest, a play by William Shakespeare. The Miranda-class itself was named after Prospero's daughter.

U.S.S. Hesperus - A Vesper-class cruiser named after the greek god Hesperus (named Vesper by Romans).

U.S.S. Santee - a Dakota-class heavy cruiser, named after the Eastern Dakota Sioux tribe.

My auxiliary crafts are named as follow:

U.S.S. Agakuk - Runabout
U.S.S. Tayaout - Type-8 Shuttle
U.S.S. Iriook - Delta Class Shuttle

These are named after the characters of an old book I read years ago - "Agakuk". There was also a movie inspired from the book which I think is called "Shadow of the Wolf". They were Inuit characters, so, they felt like a decent fit for Sedna.
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08-13-2011, 10:17 AM
U.S.S. Lovecraft -named after the father of modern horror , akira class
U.S.S. Dagon - a mythological being, defiant class
U.S.S. Bad Company - Just liked the name, fleet escort.

My engineer uses Challenger, named after the shuttle. The plaque reads "your sacrifices shall never be forgotten."
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08-13-2011, 10:19 AM
End game Eng: TFO-Optimus Prime

U.S.S. Omega Supreme - Assualt cruiser - Meant to bring the pain

U.S.S. Omega Prime - Galaxy Refit - My exploration ship when exploration becomes relevent

U.S.S. Kupp - Excelsior Refit - Kupp in Transformers G1 was a battle-tested warrior that didn't let his age stop him from fighting, seeing how the Excelsior class is an equally old and battle-tested class, I felt it fit.

U.S.S. Iron Hide - Dreadnought - Iron Hide is a strong warrior back in G1, shoot first ask questions later. Whenever Optimus wasn't able to lead, he'd take charge.

End game Sci: TFO- Wheel Jack

U.S.S. Rachet - D'Kyr - I use this ship for heals, felt the name was fitting.

U.S.S. Hawkeye - Nebula - Allows for various healing whether it be shields or hull with the Univ slot.

Capt. Tact: Piccolo

U.S.S. Fake Namek - Akira - If anyone has watch DBZ abridged from, you'll get the refrence
(Future ships)
U.S.S. NERD - Advanced Escort - DBZ abridged refrence

U.S.S. DODGE - MVA Escort - Another DBZ abridged refrence.
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08-13-2011, 11:08 AM
U.S.S Indomitable (Defiant class) - similarly to the Defiant which would defy you to the bitter end, the Indomitable is similarly impossible to defeat or subdue. Think along the lines of: "I yield. I cannot defeat (this Klingon). All I can do is kill him; and that no longer holds my interest.".

U.S.S Redoubtable (Sovereign class) - a sizeable ship, one that no doubt arouses fear or awe in her opponents, is formidable and worthy of honour and respect. A fitting name for the majestic Sovereign class vessel
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# 38 USS Jethro Gibbs
08-13-2011, 11:14 AM
Named for a former decorated United States Marine Corps Gunnery Sargent (MOS 8541), who went on to serve with distinction in the Naval Criminal Investigative Service, Major Case Response Team in DC, that went on to solve a number of high profile criminal and national security cases.
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08-13-2011, 11:23 AM
My main toon's flagship is the U.S.S. ROSWELL.
Because of my interest in all things out of this world!
I also thought, given the lore, it would make an awesome science ship name, (what with all that alien tech and all)
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08-13-2011, 11:59 PM
My main is a Science VA, her current ship list is mostly based off of her RP history. The C&C ship has always been the "White Queen", back in the days (SFBs and other table top games), it was a tradition and honor to carry the name, once Trills were introduced in Star Trek, my story changed.

The White Queen name comes from chess, Alice in Wonderland, and hold some play towards the "Snow Queen" fairy tale.

Before this game came out ships of here fleet were all named after chess pieces and allowed me to use lines like "Prepare for Castling maneuver!". Once the game came out, I had to be more inventive. Though my fleet uses ranks from Seraphim's down to Angels, and many of my BO's are named in a mythological sense, only one ship in my collection is related to those concepts.


Chess Named.

"White Queen" = Advanced Heavy Escort Retrofitt.
"White Bishop" = Long Range Science Escort Refit.
"White Rook" = MVA Escort.
"White Knight" = Exploration Cruiser Refit.
"White Pawn" = Light Cruiser (TOS)

Other Ships of the Line.

"Queens Fodder" = Light Science Vessel.
"Devils Trill" = D'kyr Science Vessel. (after song and the fact I'm a Trill)
"Ice Queen" = Dreadnought Cruiser. (Glacially slow to turn, and "U.S.S. *@^%$ Turn!" doesn't sound very StarFleet....)
"White Ninja" = Tactical Escort Refit (had to have a G.I. Joe reference in there.)
"Kattain Liner" = Star Cruiser. (Named after my "House" and envisioned as a real luxury Liner in space).
"Lilith in White" = Nebula. (A "play" towards my fleet ranks. )
"Galaxina" = NX Class. (Dorothy Stratton, the "Blue Star", what more could you want?)

Small Ships.

"Queens Buggy" = Type 8 shuttle.
"Attack Kitty" = Peregrine Fighter.
"Chibi Queen" = Runabout.
"Classic Kitty" = Type F Shuttle.
"Dancing Queen" = Delta Flyer. (ABBA song)
"Queens Logic" = Tal'kyr Support craft.
"Queens Maiden" = Captains yacht.

Those are just the ships on my main character.

My Tac Alt is named Sanura, and her ship is the "Mikeneko" (named after the cat of 3 colors that was prized by Japanese sailors for luck), her shuttle is the "Cat-o-Tonic".

My Engineer alt is named Allison Wunderland and her ship is named "Looking Glass" , her shuttle is "Doormouse".

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