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Hi all

Sorry if this is in the wrong place or posted elsewhere I wasn't sure what the problem would be classed as.

I've just started the game today and I have an issue with huge yellow boxes appearing where a ui window is due to change/open.

Example being if I gain some xp a yellow box overlays the xp bar at the top of the screen until I click on another ui box to clear it. It also makes a huge yellow box cover most of the screen whenever I get a mission update due to appear, I have to click on the box or near it to make the mission info appear.

I've linked a pic of the problem below, I don't know how to insert it as a regular pic on this forum sry. The pic shows the box I get when one of my starter missions tries to update, as soon as I click on that yellow box then it shows me the character and text as I assume it should normally do.
Aside from those boxes appearing everything seems lagging, distortions, tearing it's just the yellow overlay boxes.

Anyone know how I fix this? I'm guessing it's just a radeon bug of some kind where I need to enable or disable something stupid.

Cheers for any help with it.

If anyone else has the problem and finds this wondering what is causing their issue check if you have Fraps running, if you have the same problem as me try turning it off. It must be something to do with the Fraps overlay settings, haven't played around with that yet but shutting down the program instantly stopped the yellow overlay boxes.

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