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IHello; I've done some QA in the past but at the moment I'm tired and just throwing up a quick but report before I crash.

Currently running:

Core i7 920
2x GeForce GTX295
Windows 7 Ultimate SP1 (I run just about every update in the critical or important groups).

I've started noticing that if I exit and re-enter the game, performance can suffer. Today I had been on and off the game a few times, working on various things all day and noticed my system was at nearly 90% memory consumption. This is unusual because even when running games I tend not to see much beyond 50% memory utilization.

A quick check of the Windows Task Manager showed multiple (six or so) instances of GameClient.exe in the process list but no instances of Star Trek Online in the applications list. These instances ranged from ~750MB of memory down to as little as 120ish? I don't recall precisely.

I terminated all the instances via the 'End Task' button and relaunched the game. All was well, did some missions and played for an hour or two, then quit out again. Sure enough, there was a 420MB GameClient.exe instance floating around in the background.

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