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It was the best of times. It was the worst of times. I came back to check out STO shortly before the 2nd Anniversary event began. I was just checking it out, seeing how the game progressed. I didn't really have any intention of paying for a subscription. However, after Cryptic dropped a free Odyssey on everyone who participated, I decided I might seriously try to get to level 50 to really enjoy it. So I went gold.

However, a few days later the Cardassian lock box scourge came to town, and now I've cancelled my subscription. In my opinion, things that work in the Eastern markets aren't very likely to work here. For instance, check this out. In China, some folks are paying a dollar a month to have the "Sent from my iPhone" signature added to their non-iPhone emails. Seriously? How many folks on this forum could honestly say they'd pay a dollar a month for that?

It blows my mind that anyone would pay a buck to fake an iPhone signature, just like it blows my mind that people would be ok with lottery lock boxes. When Cryptic offered a free ship, it earned them $15/month (plus a ship that I purchased from the store.) When they charged me for a chance at another ship it cost them a subscription (plus whatever else I would have purchased from the store.)

I think there's a lesson for them in there and in the article that I linked.

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