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08-08-2011, 08:18 PM
Review: War or Peace
Author: SBcouto

Summary: A new race has been discovered near Deferi space, and an ambassador must be escorted to make contact, and the resulting resemblance to a known peaceful race is uncanny. Oh yeah, and I ended up killing a bunch of them too!

Story > 3/5
Overall, it's a little unclear which tasks are actually objective, but its nice to have options.
Random klingons also around in Amamak space? Its cool to fight but optional objective for the sake of optional objectives is strange. Maybe more breen here, perhaps they've mistaken the Aamek for deferi, and work that into the plot?
Like the deferi offshoot idea! The creepily desolate town makes for a good opposite to Defera.
Attacked by crates? made me lol but broke a bit of immersion - after a while it made me afraid to interact with any optional objects for fear that I would generate more mobs.
"Investigation" map on the ground - what did i accomplish besides fighting mobs? Saw dead aamek and that was it.
Needed to zone back up to get the one line of dialogue from the ambassador? Maybe something optional needs to be available on the last map.

Look&Feel > 3/5
Liked the optional components on the first space map outside of Defera.
Captain thrace appears to have ensign rank? Could use some attention to detail. Ashley, a human name on an Andorian?
Really like the decision dialogues! A lot of possibilities here, I could give my captain personality.
The Aamek base is a little hum drum visually, could have used some detail maybe?

Tech > 4/5
Interesting array of optional activities, though many players may not find them so useful.
Playing with objectives to make things optional is fun but may confuse a player. It's neat but not when the player's expectations of what an interact or dialog objective really is. Still, it's innovative!

Difficulty > 3/5
Wiped once the Aamek decided they didn't want to chat.
Wiped to a group of chaos guards in the facility


There is a lot of cool stuff happening here, and with a bit more polish it could be outstanding. Some innovative objective and dialog-based trickery happens in this mission which gives a feeling of choice and option, though some players may be confused and offput by it. With some doing I think this could be a very good mish!

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08-10-2011, 01:29 AM
Review: Omega Directive Revisited
Author: duke-of-rock

Story > 3.5/5
A little confused as to why the Jem'hadar are in the wormhole. They make a good enemy but aren't the only ones left in the AQ stuck there, cut off from the Dominion? Maybe I missed a story element from the first mission.
How are the omega molecules staying stable? Why aren't the borg all over it? Seems contrary to canon here, but it makes a good plot device.
Story is good but is hamstrung a bit by breakups by the scan things aspects.
Interacting with the Vorta and Jem hadar was interesting, good DS9 throwback feel to it

Look&Feel > 2.5/5
Old ESD - could use an update or a story change.
SO BLINDED IN THE WORMHOLE. See the pics! Don't think it's the author's fault though.
Maps are really spread out, it reminds me of patrol missions in a way.
Lots of blow up 5 things, scan 4 things, etc. Needs more variety in objectives. In fact, there was lots of running across the map, more visible in ground than space. It was hard to get from place to place to place without running or flying quite a ways often.
Founder HW: had to wade through the great link??
Plot is extremely reminiscent of DS9 and not just because of the nature of the enemies. Got the tone of DS9 down very well.

Tech > 2.5 / 5
First objective is to hail the ship, but must be accessed by going to ESD. Make it more clear?
Didn't appear to be a runabout to scan on the first objective on the DS9 map until I got REALLY close.
Really liked the beaming explosives to the derelict ships. That's one way to despawn stuff! But why are they spread so far apart? doesn't seem tactically sound.
Why random warp streaks in the stellar nursery system? Wasnt explained via in game dialogue but it created an interesting visual effect.
Why scan THEN plant explosives? Could be used as a pop up and then one interact to make things smoother. Aside from being overused I liked the fact that I could actually despawn stuff in a Foundry mission.

Difficulty > 3.5 / 5
Numbers puzzles. Had to break out the calculator for these one. I'm not a huge advocate of these types of gameplay mechanics but it does break up gameplay a bit. After a while I ended up just clicking until it let me through.
Didn't wipe at all during this series.

OVERALL RATING > 3 stars / 5

The plot is very well thought out and you clearly gave a lot of thought towards certain objectives like making the White for the jem hadar and the overall plot of the Dominion's return and the weaponization of Omega. But there are issues like repetitive tasks and flying around excessive distances just to scan something else that put a damper on the overall feel of the mission. Streamline that and you'll be in much better shape!

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08-10-2011, 08:32 AM
Thanks for the detailed review and I am glad you enjoyed the first part of my series. You pointed out a few things I hadn't thought of and I thank you for that. Please give the second part a go if you can. I would love more feedback from you.
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08-10-2011, 09:43 AM
First off, thanks for reviewing missions. It's very generous, and the fact that you're doing it keeps me from feeling guilty that I'm not.

Here's the basics on the mission I'm offering up:

Project Name: What Are Little Ferengi Made Of?

I got one longer review of the Tribble version, but nothing yet on the Holodeck one, which is changed in some fundamental respects. Anything you could suggest to improve it or ideas/lessons that I could carry forward into other missions would be a great help.

By the way, I had to abandon "First Cause, Then Effect" because of some lag issues--I didn't leave a review and won't till I can finish it--but I really enjoyed it so far. I'm happy to write up some more extended comments and either send them to you directly or post them wherever you like once I've reached the end. And congrats on the nod from STOked.
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08-10-2011, 11:28 PM
I was wondering if you could look at Starfleet Experiementation and it's follow-up Hidden Intelligence for me

Both are Fed, any level, non-combat, story and puzzle missions.

The first is a routine transport a substance for further research mission that gets complicated by having you and your ship put in danger by the substance.

The second is a scientific investigation mission to learn more about the substance and where it came from.

Thanks. Both are fairly short.
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08-10-2011, 11:38 PM
Reviews are reviews xD

My missions name is "Operation Longshot" its still in the reviewing stage as of right now. I'm not exactly expecting high scores but I could use advice.
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08-11-2011, 09:24 PM
Review: A Pun to Farr

Summary: After rescuing a Vulcan guy with the same name as the Voyager character Vorik off his shuttlecraft in the Briar Patch, he must be transported to Vulcan... but his Pon Farr needs attending to before you can reach it.

Story > 3 / 5
Pretty straightforward overall, a nice attempt to use the player ship interior even if it's not exactly possible.
Using my crew - always strange for me.
I know that originally Pon Farr was shown as a very personal to vulcans thing, but for the captain to never have heard of it before seemed a bit unrealistic for me.
Had fun with the making the holo mate even if it was simplistic. Blonde and better in the right places, please! That's what all Vulcan guys want.
Very fun light hearted tone.

Look&Feel > 2.5 / 5
Lots of excessive capitalization in dialogue prompts, punctuation and whatnot that were slightly distracting.
Think he's the clumsiest of the crew made me lol, but that's part of the light hearted tone I suppose.
Pic of console is terrible in one of the dialogues, I think it was researching the nature of Pon Farr. Maybe change that when researching pon farr?
Holodeck scene i was expecting to actually cheer on Vorik. Maybe a cheeky cheer animation?

Tech > 3 / 5
UGC contact in the holodeck.
Straightforward use of foundry tools. Liked the changing hologram, that was pretty neat.
Nothing else too noteworthy.

Difficulty > 2.5 / 5
Pretty basic non combat mission with straightforward tasks, easy peasy.
No combat.

OVERALL RATING > 3 stars / 5

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08-12-2011, 07:33 PM
Hey guys, I'm obviously going to be halted on doing more until the Foundry comes back up.

In the meantime, feel free to request your mission get reviewed, or if I've looked at yours already, I'm game to brainstorm ways to improve them!
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08-20-2011, 02:31 AM
With the Foundry back up, I'll be resuming reviews in the next day or so. Just an FYI.
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08-22-2011, 12:17 AM
Left to Die
Author: Tiuz

Summary: You're sent to DS9 to investigate the disappearance of a Nebula class ship, along iwth the runabout that was sent off after it. Then, zombies!

Story > 4 / 5
Love the interior DS9 locale, but a lot of time spent investigating a simple runabout departure. It's also very texty. Maybe this could be shortened up a bit?
Everything on board made sense and really made me think of a horror movie. Find survivors, fend off hordes of vicious zombies. Good times.
Killing the captain was an awesome moment. He nearly wiped me, definitely a tough zombie.

Look&Feel > 3.5 / 5
Lots of good ambiance, extra characters etc on DS9 even if it seemed superfluous.
Good dialogue from the entries on the runabout, very good horror or zombie movie feel.
Onboard with the logs, a lot of reading but its optional, which is good.
Kicking the locker aside was pretty cool! Good for tech as well.
A little too texty with the life stories of the survivors at the end there. A life story even though you're just a plot device at the end?

Tech > 3.5 / 5
Replaced targs or some other animal with infected crew. A basic but very well implemented idea.
Also really liked the "kick locker aside" bit, as mentioned above.

Difficulty > 5 / 5
Keep backpedaling and you'll be alright =) On Normal itw as just the right amount of hecticness, almost died during the bridge battle. I really did feel like I was playing Left4Dead again at some points.

OVERALL RATING > 4 / 5 stars
The only thing keeping this mission from a perfect score is the pacing towards the beginning of the mission and a little overly verbose, unskippable dialogues. Otherwise it's a great zombie-massacring adventure. Keep it up.

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