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09-02-2011, 05:28 AM
Title: Alpha and Omega - The Prologue

Level: 41+
Allegiance: Fed
Start: Deep space K-7, Eta Eridani
Time: 10-15 mins

Note that this is a prologue to my actual missions and it's therefore meant to happen quickly and not give out much detail :p also the delta flyers are scattered accros the Y-axis in the editor, but they just stay on the same Y in maps, i'm guessing a bug :| (this applies to the whole fleet :| )

also it was done in a few hours to replace my first mission which i lost due to user-error

and one final bit of advice:

don't solo this

it will be a bit dull and probably too easy if you do, but on 2 or 3 man teams if already provides something of a real feeling of what i'm going for

if you can get a 5-man team tho, that would get you the best experience
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09-03-2011, 01:52 AM
Yesterday is Tomorrow
by Leviathan99

Story > 3 / 5
Story is very verbose but at least most of it is optional. Greatly helps to read all the dialog though, a little hard to follow without it.
A lot of reading required to pass through the forcefield. Would a real security device depend on reading comprehension like this? I suppose the villian IS insane... still, having to take notes was jarring.
Awesome getting the unfrozen guys to help take out some nausicaans, nice touch there.
Why would Abramson not work to control his passengers more? They were able to help me out at every turn. It was nice to have the option to have them help me out but it was tough to say how it went with the plot.

Look&Feel > 4 / 5
Nice custom map on the interior of the monastery
Great built maps on board the Chronowerx ship. Placement and availability of the log consoles seem appropriate.
Some of the maps end with objectives completed but no clear directions on where to go to access the next map. Maybe allude to these more clearly in dialog?
Nice that you could get some vulcan kids on the 2nd monastery map

Tech > 4 / 5
I know it's a foundry bug at the moment, but during the firefights my away team slipped through the floor and caused me to die when attacking the nausicaan squads. This also happened during the monastery battle.
Good dialog based triggers on the enemies on the ship.
Liked repairing the ships and having reinforcements, but wish there was some more backstory behind them.
The guy sacrificing himself as a timing trigger was great.

Difficulty > 2.5 / 5
Party wiped three times in two incorrect answers against the automated defense turrets. What NPCs did you use here?
Wiped on the clearing a path to the bridge section but that could have gone either way.
Liked the difficutly on most of the nausicaan squads and the spiders. All the battles except the ones mentioned were good, but wiping repeatedly was frustrating.

OVERALL RATING > 4 stars / 5
Obviously a ton of work went into making this mission. Lots of good ambiance, intriciate plot, references abound to TOS, Voyager, TNG. Inconsistent difficulty and required verbose dialog pulled the score down a bit.

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09-03-2011, 03:56 AM
The automated mobs with Nausicaan Captain 3. I think they're bugged and removed them elsewhere but decided to keep them as the skippable penalty for missing the trivia questions.

I gotta say, the bug gets to me with the BOs falling through. I kept the difficulty fairly low on the monastery map as a workaround. I wish we could have "Captain only" maps because I feel like a lot of the pathing bugs were unavoidable.

My first mission here and on Tribble were 24 hour efforts. I read some people took 1-2 weeks and so I figured I'd take a fairly simple concept I had lying around and see what would happen if I put 7 days into complicating it and beefing it up.

Sadly, the parts I'm most proud of are the buggiest parts due topathing. I'd like to reuse the Vulcan map in future projects but it's simply too unreliable without a pathing fix.

There is a small tip worth noting. Placing a fire lighting object on top of most doors will create an illuminated effect. I have a gorgeous little village I made using this effect for a project I hope to do eventually and feel it worked well for the Vulcan buildings; I'd like to see Cryptic use buildings with illumination FX on doors and windows because, for my money, it adds something extra.

Along the way, I think I got the idea to treat this as a very Judgment Rites kind of mission. This is my third mission (and probably last, for awhile) with a romantic subplot of sorts. If you dig, you can see it goes to either gender preference, which creates some of the ambiguity in the text. Also, in the cargo hold, the fewer people you allow down, it makes the beginning and middle harder but the end is easier as more of the crew rallies to help you. I was playing a lot with choice and consequence.

This was actually the first Foundry mission I plotted out when I heard about the Foundry. Spent an evening taking notes. If you really dig deep, I think I managed to reference every Star Trek interaction with the 20th and 21st century (aside from The Voyage Home) but kept it things like street names and corporations and background characters. That took over things a bit. If I'd left a few out or struggled less to bury the references, it might flow a touch smoother. At the same time, one thing I've taken to pushing for is oblique references, as a reaction to Cryptic's "on the nose" missions where you get "Kirk did this" and "Picard did that."

Glad that the quasi-cinematic ending pleased. I realized there was a lot of text and a few clunky things about the Foundry toolset there so I tried to at least string the player along with some "candy" in the form of some new uses of visuals.

I set out to portray Abramson as a wacky kind of crazy at first, with the dark subtext of having been a child soldier, took him into Bond villain turf with the doublecross and then tried to pull it home for a bit of a message or an idea with his Prime Directive rant. There's actually a very obscure little hint in there that he's a decedent of Flint.

I had a couple of ideas that wound up getting cut for runtime, including a multiple choice ending with the crew and the revelation of who Grak's buyer was. Like I say, I gather I'm fast/OCD with aspects of the Foundry toolset and so this was me saying, "I've tried doing missions in a weekend. Let's see how big it gets if I take a week."
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09-04-2011, 01:27 AM
Strange New Worlds
by SelorKiith

Summary: Just because the Federation's at war doesnt mean you can't go survey a planet and catalog its possible life forms every once in a while...

Story > 3 / 5
Run from the starbase directly to the unexplored system. Some dialog at the beginning telling me that's what happened would be appreciated.
The premise of tracking down some different form of native creature was compelling.
Found myself dreading the next objective that would require me traversing the map yet again... but the idea itself is neat.

Look&Feel > 2 / 5
Random capitalization throughout dialog
People wandering around in the starbase is nice, but having more to look at or do would be nice. it's a long walk to the admiral's office... not to mention the walk back
Scan 8 things, then 5 things, then 5 more things, right in a row? And more map traversal later? My captain's legs were getting a bit sore. It was a nice forest to see, but not THAT nice.
A "go to next map" dialog when reporting back to the admiral after killing the animal

Tech > 3 / 5
Need to show the location of Starbase 57 in the mission tracker. Its a foundry limitation but a near necessity!
Liked the mist residue used to create the story element.
Nothing else too out of the ordinary in this regard.

Difficulty > 4 / 5
No combat here. Most objectives clearly marked with circles. Lots and lots of places to walk.

An interesting survey mission type experience with a mysterious creature, but having to traverse an open map several times to scan the blinkies was rough. Streamline that and maybe adding more to do in between the waypoints would help this mission significantly.

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09-04-2011, 02:50 AM
First of all,
thank you for your review and now for a quickie answer...

I know about the random capitalization... I still have a hard time accepting that you englishmen simply write nearly anything in lowercase i.e. language confrontation and mix up

Other than that, I now have some more inspirations and get right back to work!
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09-04-2011, 01:28 PM
Originally Posted by SelorKiith View Post
I know about the random capitalization... I still have a hard time accepting that you englishmen simply write nearly anything in lowercase i.e. language confrontation and mix up.
Ah yes, German... I've done my fair share of having to localize things into German... arent all nouns capitalized or something like that?

In any case I think you've got a good start there on that mission.
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09-05-2011, 11:22 PM
by Steel-Hyena

Synposis: A planetary survey mission turns interesting when more than just rocks and vegetation are found on a rogue planet's surface.

Story > 4 / 5
Skeleton scan - isn't duranium an alloy and not naturally occuring?
The "Scan stuff" objectives around the planet edged close on being boring, but the dialog kept it interesting enough for what it was.
A little verbose in places, but it's because of the well developed plot. I skipped past some of it.
I suppose I didn't feel too stupid asking my engineer to do some engineering. Nice that the puzzle is skippable.
Liked the conference room mediation setting! Too bad we weren't there long enough to do much with it.

Look&Feel > 4 / 5
Rogue planet with a moon? maybe modify that map.
I appreciate the sci officer's enthusiasm, but it seems a little over the top. Maybe giving a little too much personality to a character that is "mine"
I couldn't see where the reman was that initially talked to me. maybe make the reach marker closer to him.
"y'all" in the dialogue didn't seem very starfleet-y.
All diplomatic components felt very good and true to the IP.

Tech > 3.5 / 5
Good use of branching dialog for optional information.
When feeding the chazzwazzers, it would have been nice to have something show up in their pen to signify that they had been fed.
The Hobus warping out/exploding was a little funky. I know you can't have ships disabled but maybe something else could have been worked out here.

Difficulty > 4 / 5
No issues finding stuff, all combat was straightforward.

Overall rating > 4 stars / 5

A planetary survey turns into political intrigue with at least one or two twists to keep things interesting. Clearly a setup for a series, looking forward to the continuation.

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09-06-2011, 01:50 AM
Originally Posted by RogueEnterprise View Post
Skeleton scan - isn't duranium an alloy and not naturally occuring?
Apparently it's a naturally occurring element that can be made into an alloy. (scroll down to the background section and it discusses it)

In reality, it's your typical Star Trek writer nonsense element. So, whether it's an alloy or an element probably varies depending who is writing.
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09-06-2011, 08:17 AM

my mission has gotten all screw'd up due to foundry data degratation

duplicate maps look completely different

different skins i chose simply reversed back to default

and it's basically ugly now in the first map >.<

don't play it till i fix this >.<


fixed, if it happens again, please let me know :|
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09-06-2011, 11:21 AM
Originally Posted by Nagorak View Post
Apparently it's a naturally occurring element that can be made into an alloy. (scroll down to the background section and it discusses it)

In reality, it's your typical Star Trek writer nonsense element. So, whether it's an alloy or an element probably varies depending who is writing.

Thanks for the kind review, glad to see some folks finally giving my mission some love (even if it appears now doomed never to rise into the hundreds of plays category.. .meh). And yeah, I looked up Duranium before I used it. I'm not the most Trek-tech savvy person (that said, most techno-babble BS is obnoxious to me!), but I did do a little checking up on a few geek facts before someone called me out on it. Speaking of "tech", little sad you didn't mention the explosion I had set-up... I thought that was absolutely awesome.

As for the Hobus.... /shrug, it's my first Foundry mission, and I'm yet to find/see anyone else who has pulled off something similar but better. Only way around it would be some sorta forced story mechanic like "it was actually a hologram!" or "a second ship just warped out!" or "he escaped on a shuttle!" As it is, I have plans for the Hobus... maybe I'll get to fix how this works when Cryptic gives us some of the tools to use that they clearly have.

And I'll look into the "yall"... I'm a native Texan, so it comes very naturally to me to the point I don't even notice it, and other synonyms of "yall" feel "off" to me. That said, I guess I can understand where yall from the rest of the world might notice that standing out.

Oh, and the Reman talking to you at the start is up in the watch tower.

Again, glad you enjoyed it. I'm swamped with school right now, so sadly I haven't started my next mission yet, but yes Afterlight will set up a sort of loose series. My next mission my not touch on any of it, but I most certainly plan for folks to catch up to Zharek and maybe even return to Planet X-266 as the Federation looks to continue uncovering the world's secrets.

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