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This is an idea we’ve been kicking back and forth a bit here at the Red Shirt Army Podcast. We all know the Klingon Faction.. is well.. we’d say underplayed but that is a far cry from just how bad the situation is. Look, we know their faction is horribly incomplete. There are vast swaths of content missing from it, and various large gaps of leveling material. The Weekly Series helped some and of course the Foundry was a big boon for at least something new for Klingons.

But it’s still not quite enough. Cryptic will fix it on their time table whenever that may be. And seeing as how they’ve come out and said only 18% of the entire playerbase has ever played a Klingon (note played as in past tense not current active Klingon characters), its a sad state to be a warrior for the Empire.

So while many of us in RSA do have Klink alts ourselves, at various levels, we thought it was high time we start to shine a spot light on this, and help garner attention. Want a free helping hand in getting started? Hit that Read More button to get the juicy details.

We got to thinking of a way to really help spark interest in the Klingon faction; sponsoring a guild. What does sponsoring entail? Well the rough outline we hashed out was;

  • Domain Name – We’d hook you up with one years worth of a domain name for free You pick it and if it’s available we’ll do our best to obtain it for you. If you want the domain after the initial year it is easily yours we would not hold on to it.
  • Hosting Discounts – Every guild needs a website, even if it’s just for basic usage like guild news or guild forums. We can give you some nice referral codes for hosting that’s damn near dirt cheap. We’ll throw in the first entire month, free.
  • Ventrilo Discount – We personally use TypeFrag as a host and they are awesome. They are very very low priced by normal pricing structure AND we can get you 50% off your first month, which we will also throw in free.
  • Guild Promotion – Of course we would totally pimp our YOUR guild on our show every week, mention it on Twitter often, on Facebook often and maybe even get the great guys over at Gates of Stovokor to throw ya a plug. It’ll drive players to you, help keep the recruiting process going, and gain guild attention. And if we can sweet talk Xander into some artwork, we’ll put up a button for your guild and guild site over on the right hand navigational menu of our site We’ll assist you in any guild events you want to throw of any type. Win win situation

So it may not seem like the super greatest thing but hey, if you’re a small Klingon guild, with no guild website, or voip and looking to get into it? We can ease you into it. It will eventually require someone in that guild to spend money on a regular basis to upkeep the site and vent but hey, we give you everything right out of the box free, the site and vent free for a month and one entire year of a domain? Sweet deal. And we ask absolutely nothing in return. If anyone happens to ask where ya got it, wellllll we wouldn’t exactly say no if you wanted to mention Red Shirt Army

How do you get this? Well for now just ONE guild will be sponsored. How do we pick? Who will we pick? Can it be your guild? There are only a few minor stipulations;

  • You need to be an established Fleet – Doesn’t have to be a huge fleet or a tiny fleet. Just a fleet that plays regularly on the Klingon side. If you’re just a couple pals who play Klinks and don’t have a fleet.. well we do appreciate you wanting to enter and playing the faction but this really benefits established guilds.
  • You shouldn’t have a guild website or vent, already – This isn’t just to help folks get free stuff and free load. If you’ve already got a working guild website online, or happen to already have a guild vent, this.. isn’t the thing for you. This is to spot light the faction and a guild (and future guilds hopefully) in the faction. Now the website does come with a caveat, we aren’t designing it for you nor upkeeping it. That is on you. If you need some help with a particular issue, several of us in RSA know html, php, etc so we can offer advice but we won’t be designing it for you unfortunately.

That’s pretty much any requirements we have. It’s open world wide so EU players, Asian players, Canadian, etc any one from any country is welcome to enter. Though we do hope you speak English that is all we speak.

How do you enter?. That is simple. Email Us – redshirtarmy@gmail.com and tell us why you want your Klingon fleet sponsored!. Do you love Klingons? Do you prefer their ships or weapons? Is it the races or costumes? Is your guild growing and you are eager to expand? Let us know! Whoever can tell us in the best way, most thoughtful elegant manner will be our first sponsored guild.

You have exactly 30 days to write us and tell us why. Today is August 15th 2011, so September 15th 2011 is the deadline and shortly after that we’ll announce our hopefully first of many, sponsored Klingon fleets.

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