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# 1 Second wave reflections
02-14-2012, 04:32 AM
Okay I have done this mission a few times now. It is not as good as many of the previous ones true enough but I thought maybe I should apply myself to thinking why. What didnt I like. To start there were lots of plus points.

- many optionals
- DOff assingments embedded
- many cut-scenes
- epicness
- compelling storyline
- believeable characters
- challenging gameplay
- additional accolades
- genune replayabilty from diversity of rewards
- new ground set and consumables
- comedy Scots accent

This stuff was all great, so why didn;t I like it?

Well the answer was the whole thing was a bit messy. Cut-scenes were useful for telling the story but had not been properly put through the paces. What ever they did to Karen in Ops it didnt look like a killing blow...

As for the optinals well, these were a right mess to complete. DS9 is a large place to be wandering around aimlessly, although you could talk to a lot of people they really did not give you much indication of what to do. At least it felt that way. Believe me I read the dialogue, it was the first new dialoge ina while. But even with that I felt like I was wandering around in the hope of finding answers.

So, i think the whole thing was too cluttered and with the cut-scenes and bugs just felt very messy. I think this may have been a case where less is more.
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# 2
02-14-2012, 05:22 AM
They should have had NPCs on the Promenade randomly flipping coins, as a very in-joke with reference to Terradome

You young STO whipper-snappers and new F2Pers won't get the joke
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# 3
02-14-2012, 12:51 PM
I was looking for that emot the other day..

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