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I really want to make a lethean engineer (mostly because the lethean in the DS9 episode was a badass)
but im concerned that i wont be able to get the Warp Theorist trait which gives +10 to warp core training. how much does the +10 actually help? i would think it would be important for an engineer or am i worrying to much? thoughts?
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08-08-2011, 05:02 AM
Eng has more flexibility regarding power levels and setttings that the other careers so I would not worry about Warp Theorist.

Many skills for your boffs are unlocked by skills that also boost power to ships systems so you cna get more than +10 easily from those and other careers would be hard pushed to take those options, especially the manintenance skills.

I checked this on the calc spreadsheet for you :

I tested this with NO additoinal boosters of any kind on any cruiser you like.

Warp Core Training 7 points / Warp Core Thorist

Balance (settinG is 50 for all)

52/53 for all

Attack (setting is 100/50/25/25)


You caN work it out from there for the other settings.

So you get 1 point at a setting of 50 and 2 points from a setting under 50 for having warp core theoirist.

To me, that is not enough to worry about, as I said, eng has a lot of options for boosting power settings that come naturally to any general build.

I hope this helps.
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08-10-2011, 02:43 PM
But you can have efficient captain, it gives almost the same benefits.

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