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STO Release Notes - HOLODECK Shard emergency maintenance

We will be bringing down the HOLODECK shard immediately to apply a hotfix.

Release Notes
  • Hotfix for an underlying code change that inadvertently prevent some powers (such as the Hargh'Peng Torpedos and Ground Shield Regeneration) from working properly.
  • Updates to troubleshoot a Foundry map transfer client crash (see known issues)
  • Klingon players may now craft the Rare Hargh'Peng Torpedo launchers at odd marks. Fed players must still play the Doomsday machine episode to "obtain" the Hargh'Peng.

Foundry Issue Update
The UGC Software team is tracking down an issue where players are reporting client crashes when transfering zones in a Foundry mission. Instead of turning of Foundry play entirely, we are allowing this issue to remain live so that we can obtain more troubleshooting data. A fix is being put in this update that will help the software team track down the underlying issue.

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