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# 1 KDF Race Content
08-17-2011, 05:47 PM
I thought I’d start a thread as a bit of fun and possibly a source of inspiration for Cryptic’s fabled artists and makers of content (I mean that in a good way by the way, love you guys and gals).
Because this is a suggestion/inspiration thread I’d say forget about “Copyrighting” and “CBS Permission” issues that crop up in other threads, their not welcome.

Basically it would be nice to have people give ideas and suggestions for more uniform/ship options for their favourite races in the KDF other than the Klingons. There are effectively 4 other “major” alien races that help make up the KDF, which all in turn have their own unique society and cultural style… and lets face it not all of them joined willingly like those in Starfleet, so I think they should have more of a independent feel than just “Aliens wearing Klingon Clothes in Klingon Ships”.
While the Orion and Nausicaan races are off to a good start with their uniforms, I’m sure players can give a lot more suggestions that the artists and content developers may not have thought of.

In case there are some who need a reminder (I doubt it though) the other 4 races, baring the special races like the Liberated Borg, Trill and “Alien” are-

It would be nice to see some good solid suggestions for uniforms, ships even cultural points for these races, whether its based on the Shows, comics, novels or even other computer games, but not have it lead into an argument about Copyrighting etc. Just a nice friendly exchange and display of ideas to help not only inspire Cryptic artists but also illustrate what players would like to possibly see in the future.
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# 2 The Gorn
08-17-2011, 05:50 PM
To get us started I would like to suggest some things for one of my favourite races in Star Trek- The Gorn. I have to admit to loveing the Gorn as a race ever since I saw the TOS episode “Arena” (yeah cheesy fight and all).
Firstly I love the look of the ‘new’ Gorn (though an option for the original look would be nice for some people), but I’d like to see more uniform options for them. I see the NPC Gorns walking around the First City and admit to being more than jealous. Unique shoulder pads, chains and some even have belts and straps from the Mercenary Uniform Pack. I’ve noticed though their “Shin Pads” or “half-a-boots” as some call them are missing since their update. I think Gorns need these as at the moment it looks like the Gorn are wearing weird leggings when using their “Claws” boots option. And I believe Gorns by nature display their “natural” weapons (hand and feet claws).

It would be nice to have these options but more importantly uniform parts associated more closely with the Gorn, much like the Orion and Naussican now have access too their own particular uniforms. Things like TOS Duty Officer Tunics and the Gorn Warrior’s intricate metal armour. There are some great sources and examples of Gorns normal attire, like in various comics includeing IDWs Alien Spotlight Volume 1: The Gorn, and the TNG Graphic Novel of the Gorn Crisis.
Examples below-

Gorn Crisis Concept Art-
Gorn Crisis Group-
Armour and Weapon-
Classic Tunic-
Classic Inspired Tunic-
Gorn Shoulder and Neck Guard-

I also found this extract from the Gorn Crisis, while fairly short and brief, has a HUGE amount of cultural and uniform information that could lead onto bigger and better designs.-

Overview and physiology.

The Gorn Hegemony have been rarely seen outside of their borders since the encounter at Cestus III in the 2260s. From what is known about the Gorn, from the anthropological reports of Igor Kordey, they live on the volcanic desert world of Gornar. Gornar is like a cross between the hottest deserts of Earth such as the Gobi, and regions such as Death Valley and mixed with the environment of Venus. The result is an oppressively hot planet in which the Gorn thrive and races such as humans have to take extreme measure to avoid withering rapidly in the heat. They live in architecture built into the mountains and volcanoes of that world, relishing in the heat and gases therein. Gorn do not require water in the amounts that races such as humans do, they can survive off the moisture condensate within the caves.

Gorn are of massive build, possessing extra bones in the ribcage area, allowing them to take far more physical punishment; this is ideal for the hot, hostile world of Gornar. The Gorn feet have a toe which has evolved into the heel, allowing the Gorn to "run like hell". Their skull has evolved to allow a large space for the brain, including an increased area for the rear, instinctual region of the brain. Gorn have incredible reptilian powers of regeneration, being able to restore severed and damaged limbs. Only decapitation is a sure way of killing a Gorn.

Gorn Culture.
The Gorn are divided into two facets: clan and status. Clan shapes designate the one of three castes: warrior (square), Politician (triangle) and ruler (circle). The more important the clan, the more perfect the shape. Clan colours come in shades of browns, reds and black but no blue: Gorn do not recognise blue. Gorn have great sense of smell so can recognise each other, but the clan emblem allows no room for misunderstanding.

Gorn clothing is functional; the neck is shielded as one of the only places guaranteed to kill a hardy Gorn, most pther items of clothing are for protection or as weapons: even the communicator dangling off the belt turns into a dagger with a twist. Fingers and toes are uncovered as lethal weapons and the main body is protected with precious metal armour. Gorn are renown for their metal work and the armour of warrior Gorn is amongst the most prized. Each piece of warrior uniform is handmade and unique. the preferred long range weapon is the telescopic spear. This weapon when retracted is a club, yet twists into a spear which can be thrown to deadly effect.

The egg represents the source of life and the centre of the universe; literally they are the next generation of Gorn society. Eggs are traditionally adroned with ancient Gorn writings; these are spells designed to protect the new generation from harm. As mentioned before, the metallurgy of Gorn is universally renown, for example the rings around their arms and necks supplement their weak eyesight in the gloomy caves by being made of a phosphorescent metal. Gorn architecture relies heavily on metal, rather than the rock and stalagtites of old. Geothermal energy is used for power and heat.

The Gorn governing body consists of an Emperor and four main councillors, two of which are military advisers of the Black Crest clan. These five are flanked by ten more councillors whom themselves are surrounded by two semi circles of ten 'observers', each with voting rights. This makes twenty-five members in total: twenty-five beinga significant figure to the Gorn. The Gorn Emperor decided on all matters, lending his vote to one side of the other.

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