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08-12-2011, 02:29 PM
Originally Posted by STO_Mac
Yes the Akira is an escort but in this game it's a Tier 3 ship so in order have an escort that can carry more supply's a VA Tac would have to give up some DPS ?
I don't believe the OPs suggestion said anything about upgrades. An Akira wouldn't be any more usable by a VA than it is now.

What I was saying is that conceptually the Akira should have additional supplies, which might counter its lower turn rate, for an Escort. But I've aready expressed my disagreements with the concept. Earth and Beyond tried giving ships less combat ability due to their class, and the "other aspects of the game" didn't counter it. In the end, they had to introduce special abilities to try to balance the classes again.

Honestly, Science Ships got the Sensor Analysis ability because they WEREN'T heavily armed enough. Like the Jenquai Explorers in Earth and Beyond. Yes, exploring the galaxy for the good of all sentient kind is nice, but you've gotta be ready when the nasties come at you with phasers blazing. Because that's the kind of universe Star Trek is.
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The thing is, the balance point would be gamewide, not just combatwide.

Yes, a Warship would be at a disadvantage in supplies, but it would be at an advantage in raw firepower. To run out of torpedoes in a firefight would mean you entered it very low on supplies indeed. You could even suspend the use of supplies in PvP to counter this potential issue.

A Science ship would be at an advantage on research missions, but at a disadvantage in combat.

A warship against a warship would be a roughly even fight. A Science Ship against a Science Ship would be a roughly even fight. But that's just combat.

As I say, the most important part of this is the development of OTHER things besides combat.

I don't suggest that supplies should cost anything, unless you're buying them from a merchant ship or other player (who might not charge you, at their choice). Going to base would automatically resupply you.

The Akira would have the supplies of a Tier 3 Warship. It would be more than the lower tier warships (likely more than the lower tier ships of other types, though).

I would redesignate the tiers.

T1 - Frigates
T2 - Destroyers
T3 - Light Cruisers
T4 - Heavy Cruisers
T5 - Battle Cruisers
T6 - Battleships

The exact nomenclature would depend on the type of ship. These would likely be the Warship designations. Thus the Akira would be a Light Cruiser.

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