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So I was traveling along in sector space when I noticed a very peculiar typo. Now, I know how programs are assembled and how sometimes making one peculiar change affects some other minor things down the line, but sometimes you've got to wonder what they did to break something like the border labels.

I made a tour around the galaxy and found these errors:

Psi Velorum to Regulus = missing border sign
Alpha Centauri to Sirius = "klingon"
Regulus to Sirius = "klingon"
Sirius to Beta Ursae = "Deep Space Border"
Sirius to Alpha Trianguli = "Deep Space Border"
Alpha Trianguli to Sirius = "klingon"
Beta Ursae to Sirius = "Deep Space Border"
Eta Eridani to Pi Canis = "Deep Space Border"
Eta Eridani to Regulus = "Deep Space Border"
Eta Eridani to Sirius = "klingon"
Omega Leonis to Pi Canis = "Deep Space Border"

Ticket ID #1,178,523

P.S. The sector border labels are still using the original round sans serif font. I'm certain that there was at least one Tribble build where the sector borders got the new Starfleet Bold Extended font, but that didn't make it to Holodeck for whatever reason. Would it be too much to ask to change the sector border fonts to the new font? (And yes I know it's planned to change Sector Space into one giant map 'eventually', but if it's going to be more than a couple months away I don't think it's too much to ask for.)

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