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Since Foundry is down, I figured I may as well share my plans for the next series of missions after my current 3 parter is finished (half done with no 3).

“Secret Academy”

Synopsis/description :

Starfleet has requested your assistance in a top secret project;
The “Psychonaut” program. Using Borg technology on a secret base,
A group of select cadets will use Borg virtual connections to conduct
Virtual warfare on the Borg via the Unimatrix networks used during the
Regeneration cycles.

Your job: to help act as virtual “drill instructors” and get this new special
Ops division ready for action. All begins promising, until unplanned and
Unscheduled virtual Borg attacks begin happening within the matrix.

Could the Borg have discovered the Secret Academy and the virtual infiltration
So soon?

“Needs Of The Many Voices”

Part 2 of 2. During the Borg Invasion, a Borg tactical cube has been damaged and
Wandered into the system the Secret Academy is located in. Mobilizing your elite
Squad of cadets, you launch a virtual assault first, to test the new program in live
Action. Can your team neutralize the Borg threat before it repairs enough to contact
Help from the collective and reveal the location of the academy?

“The World Dies With You.”

A one shot special mission that pays homage to the James Bond franchise.

My 8 slots will be maxed with these until more are allowed.

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