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Well there are a lot of ideas and thoughts about the game's abilities, weapons and whatnot; but it can be difficult for the devs to see everything that we put down.

So I am starting this thread to centralize all of our thoughts and ideas about the current PvP gameplay. Simply post your thoughts about how to improve PvP and I will add it the idea along with what it specifically pertains to in this central post (and the second post if it goes that far).

I will update this regularly, and here we go:

It should be noted that the changes listed do NOT all need to be implemented (in fact many are mutually exclusive of each other), this is simply a list of ideas from the pvp community for the devs

Abilities and equipment
  • Aceton Field
    • Increase the damage from the Dot (the current damage is insignificant)
    • Apply hull resistance debuff
      • and/or a shield resistance debuff being dealt by the target
    • Increase firing arc to 180 degrees
    • Possibly reflect a % of the damage
  • Beam Fire at Will
    • Reduce bonus accuracy further
    • Reduce the damage bonus -or- remove it when only one target is available
  • Disperal Patterns
    • Convert to launching a reduced number of mines with higher yields
    • Alter so that mines are spread out over a larger distance depending on which pattern is used
  • Auxiliary to X
    • Auxiliary to Batteries
      • The skill borders on useless, almost any change to this skill would be beneficial....
      • Remove the shared cooldown with other non-Aux to 'x' skills
    • Auxiliary to Inertial Dampeners
      • Rescale the bonuses to be more in line with the level of the skill
    • Auxiliary to Structural Integrity Field
      • Reduce the amount healed by 10-20%
    • General
      • If Aux to Battery is not changed, then convert all Aux skills to drain the auxiliary power levels when being used (and restored as the ability expires)
  • Boarding Party
    • Shuttles die far to easily in an environment where mines and AoEs are common; increase their life
    • Increase shuttle speed
    • Make BP difficult to be cleared based on the rank of tac team/BP being used
  • Emergency Power to X
    • Emergency Power to Auxiliary
      • Increase during to 30 seconds
    • Emergency Power to Shields
      • Reduce Resistances at all levels
      • Reduce the duration from 30 seconds to 20
    • Emergency Power to Weapons
      • Increase the duration of the damage buff
  • Reversed Shield Polarity
    • Reduce cooldown from 2 minutes to reflect it's shortened duration
  • Charged Particle Burst
    • Implement a 15 second immunity or resistance buff after being struck by 1 CPB
  • Energy Siphon
    • Increase drain value
    • Add a component that also drains the enemies shield points and transfers it t to the player. Maybe 1/2 as strong as Tachyon Beam of the same rank would be.
    • During the Testing Phase of the STF Borg Set, the assimilated tractor beam had a drain ability that stacked with itself, and that stacking effect was nerfed, it had some merit. Just one thing to make sure: Don't alow multiple siphons to stack, but allow the strongest siphon to stack with itself. Every 3 seconds or so, increase the drain by another few points. This way, together with other draining powers, the power can become nasty if ignored.
  • Jam Sensors
    • Convert to an AoE, either a burst from the player's ship or centered around the target
  • Photonic Officer
    • Set the recharge reduction to a rate only dependent on skill level. (I'D suggest something like 25-35 %). Have the duration vary from 30 to 45 seconds with a 90 second cooldown and a 60 second global cooldown. Tweak from there. Goal is to achieve a better uptime, at some cost to the recharge reduction.
    • Move the skill to have rank 1 at Ensign
  • Scramble Sensors
    • Alter active time to be 10, 15 and 20 seconds for SS1, 2 and 3 respectively
      • Additional non-specific requests for duration reduction have been made
    • Apply ~15 second immunity to SS after the ability has expire
    • Remove target hopping (at least when targeting yourself)
      • Alternatively add a one time target switch to your enemy team for a single confuse. So the team slowly has to refocus on a specific ship (if they are capable of doing so)
    • Rework skill so that it is a general damage and healing debuff rather and a player confusing power
    • Fix bug that sometimes causes Evasive Maneuvers to fail when under Scramble
    • Make all ships appear as enemies when under the effect of SS
    • Actually 'scramble' sensors so that names and ship names become confused
  • Sub-nucleonic Beam (SNB)
    • Remove effect on weapon refire rates
    • Add a resistance to additional SNBs after a first one clears or 1 target cannot receive multiple SNBs
    • Alter so that SNB doesn't effect team skills
    • Make the number of skills stripped based on Aux levels of the sci-captain using SNB
  • Tachyon Beam
    • Tachyon Beam: Only the highest active tachyon beam applies its shield facing. This means you can still sequentially try to drain shields, but this gives the player some time to recharge his powers to react, and heal over times to work their "magic".
    • Convert the skill into a shield resistance debuff scaling with level
  • Tractor Beams
    • Tractor Beam
      • Add value to specing into Tractor beams, currently the skill points are not worth the expenditure
      • Rescale their effectiveness
      • Increase the cooldown or the global cooldown
    • Tractor Beam Repulsors
      • Allow damage to be subject to resistances
  • Tyken's Rift
    • Increase power drain (player can only be affected by one Tyken's at a time)
  • Viral Matrix
    • Allow the skill to randomly take down shields as well as the other subsystems (countered by E-Team and EPtX)
  • Fleet Skills
    • Science Fleet
      • Reduce resistance bonus to 10%, and remove skill spec bonus
        • Reason Given: Currently too many resistance bonus out there, sci fleet is effectively team invincibility in current state
      • Reduce resistance bonus to 15% (no greater than 25%)
  • Team Skills
    • General
      • Tie the effectiveness of the skills being used to the ships that they are being used on. Meaning that Tac team would have full effect on an escort/raptor but reduced effect on Cruisers or Sci ships; while Engineering Team would have full effect on Cruiser, and so on. Additionally the teams would be reworked to include a base stat that comes from any ship, and a special ability that is specific to the ship is came from:
        • Tactical Team: Base version provides bonuses to weapon operations (current etc.) and clears tactical debuffs; Specific version redistributes shields
        • Engineering Team: Base version repairs damaged subsystems and places a HoT on the ship that heals for a scaling amount w/ skill; Specific Version provides instant heal
        • Science Team: Base version is as it is now (except with 10 second duration); Specific version provides resistance to science-based attacks (i.e. tachyon beam, CPB, etc) for duration (33% at lvl 1, 66% at lvl 2, immunity at lvl 3)
    • Tac Team
      • Alter to: Redistributes shields for 10 seconds, removes tactical debuffs for 5
      • Remove auto shield redistribution
      • Adjust transfer speed in accordance with the level of Tac Team
        • Tac Team 1 redistribution rate: 33% of current Tac Team 1 rate
        • Tac Team 2: 66% of current Tac Team 1 rate
        • Tac Team 3: current Tac Team 1 rate
    • Engineering Team
      • Add: Increases to hull repair rates for 10 seconds, clears engineering debuffs for 5 seconds
      • Convert to a heal over time instead of a large instant heal
    • Science Team
      • Add: Increases shield regen rate for 10 seconds, clears science debuffs for 5 seconds
  • Additional Healing and non-fleet/team tanking
    • General
      • Do not allow Heals-over-time abilities to stack (i.e. Hazard Emitters and Transfer Shield Strength); make it so that only the strongest actually applies
      • Resistances and damage reduction from the same named sources shouldn't stack either. This means Hazard Emitters, Transfer Shield Strength, Extend Shield, and Auxillary to Structural Integrity Field.
      • Place diminishing returns on all heals for as long as the ship is in combat; or for a set period of time
    • Extend Shields
      • Reduce the shield resistance values at all levels
      • Link the user's shield values to the friendly target's shields so that they are drained in the transfer

Continued on next post...
Lt. Commander
Join Date: Dec 2007
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# 2
08-14-2011, 10:06 AM
Weapons and Ships
  • Pets/AI
    • Improve the pathing of all pets so that they will try to avoid things like Warp Plasma or GW (possibly give them Evasive)
    • Reduce their polygon count for players who's computers struggle with a lot clutter on screen
  • Exploits
    • Flight Angle Exploit
      • Players with dual cannons and dual heavy cannons being unable to effectively combat ships that are directly above or below their ship (while using beam arrays and/or turrets), and unable to attack due to the 60 degree flight angle limit
        • Increase dual cannon and dual heavy cannon arcs to 60 degrees
        • Increase maximum flight angle to a minimum or 67.5 degrees
    • Multiple Shield Exploit
      • Players using more than 1 shield generator on one ship
  • Skill point distributions
    • Currently later tier weapons require a significantly higher expenditure of skill points to spec into for generally no or minor dps increase; rework it so that there is more equality in the weapon skill point usage.
  • Equipment
    • Impulse Engines
      • There is minimal value in the Combat Impulse Engines at max level as the majority of people have their engine power well above the cut-off and normally just through their spec, so change the Combat and Hyper Impulse engines to something like:
        • Combat Impulse Engines grant a small turn rate bonus (say +10 %) but suffer a small speed penalty (-10 %)
        • Hyper Impulse Engines gain a small speed bonus (say +10 %) but gain a small turn rate penalty (-10 %).
    • Dual Cannons (not DHC)
      • Increase firing arc to ~70 degrees, open their access to cruisers and science ships, and slightly lower the dps
  • Energy Weapons
    • Disruptors
      • Alter debuff to be a flat 10% damage resistance
    • Phasers
      • Reduce proc chance or make them more difficult to spec into
      • Remove disable proc, add inherent accuracy bonus
    • Plasma
      • Allow dot to stack additional times
      • Increase dot damage
    • Polaron
      • Alter so that power drain is a debuff rather than a one-time reduction
    • Tetryon
      • Increase proc chance, or increase proc damage value
      • Alter to be a resistance reduction against shields
  • Kinetic Weapons
    • General
      • Quantum torpedoes are the best bang for your skill sheet buck; only Tricobalts present value worth the increased skill point expenditure
      • Mines
        • Reduce the natural mine spawns of all mine launchers (exceptions being the cloaked tractor mines and the tricobalts) from 5 to 2. Increase the yield, proc chances and blast radius of all affected mine types in order to compensate. This is suggested since mines are one of the primary contributors to clutter/spam on player screens for no damage benefit (exception to tricobalts)
        • Reduce the number of Cloaked Tractor Beam mines, but increase their effectiveness
    • Chronitons
      • Increase Damage to better reflect skill point expenditure
      • Reduce refire rate
    • Plasma
      • Increase the Dot proc damage
    • Transphasic
      • Increase Damage and/or bleedthrough
      • Reduce refire rate

PvP Maps, General Gameplay and Bugs, and Quests/Dailies
  • General Gamplay and Bugs
    • Graphical overload on people's screen
      • Most notably happens with Gravity Well, Warp Plasma, and Tyken's as they will flicker on and off the screen with there is a lot of clutter or activity
    • Additional Maps and/or gametypes
    • Add a mechanic to prevent people from being able to log out (like a countdown timer to when your ship actually disappears, which the player would have an option to close the game while the countdown continued on the server)
    • New combat mechanic ideas
      • "Battle Fatigue"
        • Heals only restore a maximum of 95 hitpoints per 100 points of damage, the remainder is lost permanently
      • "Hull Breaches"
        • When your shields are down or low, you have an increasing chance (depending on shield status, the lower they are the higher the chance to the point of almost certainty when shields are down) to receive a "Hull Breach"
          • "Hull Breaches are debuffs that prevent the ship from being restore to their maximum health
          • Each debuff prevents between 2 and 5% (random chance) of the player's structural integrity from being restored
          • Multiple applications of the debuffs are possible (nothing says you can't have more than 1 hull breach on your ship)
          • Debuff(s) cannot be cleared by any Captain or BO ability and have a timer to when the crew will naturally repair them (between 45 minutes and 1 hour timer); the only methods of clearing them are:
            • Returning to a base
            • Death
            • Using a Critical Component to reduce (not clear) the timer while out of combat
          • Alternative suggestion: Each debuff applies a hull resistance debuff
    • Hazard Emitters not properly clearing debuffs for the full duration, namely EWP
  • UI
    • Buffs and debuffs not properly showing on screen
  • Quests/Dailies
    • Cycle through the 3 types (Arena, Cap and Hold, War Zone) one after another.
      • Still just 3 emblems a day (far fewer than PvE)
      • More variety in daily options
    • Make all 3 types (Arena, Cap and Hold, War Zone) available everyday.
      • Boost to 9 emblems a day (closes the gap between PvE's possible emblems
      • Let's players chose the game mode they most enjoy
    • Rotate the Daililes. 1st Day C&H, 2nd Day Arena, 3rd Day Ker'rat.
    • Consider offering additional PvP Dailies, with some stringer requirements to motivate people to do more than just idly Emblem farming, and to encourage people to do both Ground and Space.
      • A Ground Only Daily. Grants 3 Emblems for 2 Wins on the currently active PvP Daily (e.g. if it's Arena day, PvP Arena, if it's CnH/Assault day, it's Shanty Town, if it's War Zones, it is Otha)
      • A Space Only Daily. Grants 3 Emblems for 2 Wins on the currently active PvP Daily.
  • Capture & Hold
    • Add a progress bar that players can see indicating how far a given point is to capture
    • Add a time limit to the game; at 45 minutes the team with the best score wins
    • Introduce a method to add turrets or mines to a captured point
    • Speed up capture speed while not in combat
    • Capturing should go a little faster, to compensate multiple players on a capture point should not gain such a big bonus.
  • Arena
    • Remove notifications that you've reached the edge of the map, or make it only appear once and not again.
    • Fix respawn points to prevent spawn camping
  • Kerrat
    • Extreme clipping issues making NPCs unhittable
    • Remove raid bosses from PvP zones

Keep coming up with ideas guys
Lt. Commander
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# 3
08-14-2011, 10:06 AM
Skills/Weapons/etc that have been adjusted (for better or worse)
  • Hargh'peng Torpedoes
  • Torpedo Spread
  • Bug causing teams to randomly drop in combat
Lt. Commander
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# 4
08-14-2011, 10:15 AM
I would also like to add that any suggestion you might have, please add a constructive critisism why you think it should be changed. Knowing the 'why' would also help me and the other devs understand why you feel this suggestion should happen
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# 5
08-14-2011, 10:15 AM
Science Fleet - 10% flat, speccing into deflectors does not improve it. Right now Sci fleet is invincibility for the entire team. There are already too many shield resists:

-18-30% from EptS
-Up to 35% from Shield Power
-Up to 22% from Transfer Shield Strength
-26-42% from Extend Shields
-15% from Borg Shield Proc

That is enough.10% would be fine. Teams rotate between three science captains and essentially have 1:30 seconds straight of invincibility.

Tactical Team - Remove auto redistribute shields. There are redestribute shield keys in the game for a reason. While it helps escorts survive, it also neuters their ability to kill. Tact team is essentially 10 seconds of invincibility, that can be handed out to teammates.

Combined with the overpowered shield resisting (even without science fleet) it gets pretty ridiculous. I mean a sci ship with EptS 1 has 100k of shields to cut through when they have tact team on them!
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# 6
08-14-2011, 10:20 AM
Originally Posted by Sivar View Post
  • Hargh'pengs
    • Make it a unique item
    • Remove the detonation
    • Increase the global cooldown
Making it unique removes the need to increase the Global cooldown, and with that done, removing the detonation would make it far too weak
Lt. Commander
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Lt. Commander
Join Date: Dec 2007
Posts: 120
# 8
08-14-2011, 10:26 AM
Originally Posted by Firix
Making it unique removes the need to increase the Global cooldown, and with that done, removing the detonation would make it far too weak
I am aware, as I said before in the original post, the changes do not all need to be done and some are mutually exclusive. This is simply a comprehensive list from the community.
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# 9
08-14-2011, 10:37 AM
Originally Posted by Beltoram
I would also like to add that any suggestion you might have, please add a constructive critisism why you think it should be changed. Knowing the 'why' would also help me and the other devs understand why you feel this suggestion should happen
Thank you for acknowledging this thread! You'll find that constructive feedback will be very easy to get especially with a Dev letting us know we have their attention. This will probably get pretty busy so I hope you have plenty of post it note pads.
Lt. Commander
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# 10
08-14-2011, 10:37 AM
Perhaps any CHANGES/NERFs that are called for now, should be implimented PVP only, or only apply to PVP maps, Qs, etc if the tech exists for such as this or could be made to exist.

There has been far too many CHANGES/NERFs that have been called for here and sent out to and impact the mainstay of the population all in the cause of "balance". I'm sure we all have heard/read the rumbling(s) from the PVE playerbase on each and every 1 of these proposed ideas, past and present. And then, only if a consensus can be established from the PVP playerbase as to exactly what they actualy want.

To be honest, I seem to be having no problems with anything right now, which includes FaW (even in my MVAM), HPs, and scramble.

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