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# 1 New Trekker Beaming in!
09-06-2011, 07:43 PM
Hello all!

I've just made my frist few steps in the ST:O universe!
I have roughly 2 hours experience in the game

I just bought the game a few hours ago. CA 29.98$ - the collector's edition!

I'm a long-time player of World of ********, but lately I just got tired of it and being a trekker, it was time that I tried a Trek mmorpg. Unfortunately my desktop is out-of-date... only a P4 2.40GHz 2GB of RAM....
Couldn't even start the game.

So I tried my laptop; Centrino Duo @ 1.60GHz 2GB of RAM... not bad, but my v-card sucks big time..... I can still play the game but a minimum settings and it still is bad... but for the time being I have to cope with it hehe

So, as a new player, I wanted to ask if there are sites dedicated to ST:O like for WoW... Because I seem lost... so many stuff... isn't there a detailed guide for new players? Because the instructions in the box are practically worthless....

I mean what all the icons mean, how to chat, are we free to fly wherever we want to at any time (or almost wherever), like if I wanted to visit DS9... is it possible, and how?

I'd also like to join a guild, but considering my prehistoric machines... I wonder if I should wait to get a new one before joining (would be beneficial to everyone) ...

I know that even before ST:O came out, the forums were running and we could start forming fleets.... there was a fleet from Canada but I can't remember the name....

So there you go. Although my graphic card sucks, I'm still very excited in joining the ST:O community.

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09-06-2011, 07:55 PM
Fleets are advertised in another section of the forums. I recommend playing the game for a while before you pick one. When you do, keep in mind things like timezones, whether they like to roleplay, and if they have an external website. You might even meet up with them in-game sometime to make sure you get along with them before joining.

There is a tutorial at the start, it should explain how to play the game. The game has changed a lot over the time it's been going, so it's just as well that the rules in the box were vague. You will pick up things like how to configure the chat window as you go along. The default settings let you communicate with all the players in the zone you're in, which is between 0-20 people usually. That'll let you get answers to most questions as they come to you.

Welcome to the game!

edit: Also, you can go to DS9, but you probably shouldn't for a while. The Cardassian ships in the area are pretty tough! You should probably just play the missions before you start roaming around too much.
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09-06-2011, 08:01 PM
Welcome aboard also. and the Bird does give good advice 8P
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09-07-2011, 10:20 AM

I'll second that hort have you some good advice. Many people seem to be buzzing around throwing Fleet invites at total strangers. You are much better off declining until you find the right folks.

As you play more the game will show you how to navigate. Not everything is covered during that initial scenario - Admiral Quinn will offer you some missions that will explain more about how everything works. The early storyline missions basically break you into the game. I've also found the STOWiki site to be a useful source for information.

If you have an overwhelming need to head out to DS9 (or whatever) you can - just do NOT accept anything like "Enter Deep Space Encounter" or "Join Fleet Action" until you have played a bit more (or you just want to see what blowing up is like). Actually, as long as you haven't adjusted your difficulty level upwards, the worst that will happen is a respawn - so its up to you.

See you around.
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09-07-2011, 11:23 AM
Get out! Get out while you caaaan!

...just kidding. My only advice is to have fun and take nothing seriously.

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