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10-01-2011, 03:05 AM
Adapted from my post in another, similar, younger thread, to reflect my updated visual rule set.

I use a standard uniform across all my toons.
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10-01-2011, 07:56 AM
For uniforms, it has to flow for me or be balanced in some way.
Chozo's color is red, Windy's color is purple and Bu'or's color is red as well. Though I may move Bu'ol's uniform color over to orange, as it would blend better with her brownish red hair.
Bu'or's uniform flows from top down and out to in with the boots pointing down and the arm gauntlets pointing up. They are also a bright white color, creating a unique effect. It makes her look like she has huge feet and giant fists, especially to other drunk Klingons.
Windy's uniform looks very busy and flows out from the shoulders and hips, then down the leg and boots. This makes her look larger as sometimes she feels bad for being tiny.
Chozo's uniform is of course simple and dark, being black fro head to toe except one thin circle on the chest for rank pips and a comn badge (when dealing with Starfleet), a thick band around the waist to house things and small bands around the boots.
For ships, I tend to go for much more aggressive looks than most people do. For me, it has to look fast and I like the darkest, metallic hull best. Preferably compact as well. Since Chozo is a mercenary, his ship even has red pin-stripes.
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10-05-2011, 10:39 PM
I use Blackavaar's Destiny uniform. Basically, the TNG film uniform with white shoulders. It looks great and fells like an evolution from the canon uniform.

For ships, I usually go with vanilla designs except for my Defiant, which has the black material to make it look meaner
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10-13-2011, 12:01 PM
For uniforms I try to keep it somewhere between peaceful looking & don't mess with this. xD

But for ship I always go with material type 2, I hate the deflector look of all the rest. (can we please have the deflector separate and more color options for it *cough* sov orange?) And either full virgo or orion pattern.
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10-14-2011, 05:15 PM
Have an alt going. Figured I'd do this (all canon colors)

Lt - TOS uniforms
LtCmdr - WoK Uniforms
Cmdr - Custom Jupiter Uniforms
Capt - DS9 Uniforms
Adm - DS9 Uniform for crew, DS9 with Belt for me.
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10-26-2011, 10:24 PM
I generally stick to the official canon as well as possible. I only use canon ships, Fed use phasers and photon/quantum torps only, KDF disruptor and photon only.

Regarding uniforms I'd love to wear the TNG Film/late DS9 one but since I can't customiz my crewmwn nor the personnel on starbases and the like I accepted it's the 25th century and starfleet got new uniforms.

Divisions are: All bridge officers wear sierra 2 (I think, the one in the picture on the top of the forum ) in default color scheme (since this is how starfleet looks in the game, I accepted that.) on top, bottom depends: Science/Medical wear tight, Operations panels and pockets loose. All waer default leather boots.

As for the secondars colors: Command: Red. My char also wears red allthough he's an engineer. But as stated in TNG: "You don't get to be captain by wearing the gold uniform". Engineering/Security: Yellow-ish (the forum only has sunny yellow, it's not like that . My security chief is a tactical officer but also wears yellow. Science: Blue, Medical: Teal-ish. My first officer, allthough Science, also wears red.

As for my away personell I have some Starfleet Tactical operatives who wear the A05 pattern uniform in default colors and red shoulders. At first like many other I was confused about seeing red "security officers" on starbases, but in a S39 diplomacy mission where you have to arrest a traitor the security team beaming down is A02 Yellow. Then it struck me: Security is still yellow/gold-ish, the red guys and girls who actually wear another uniform pattern (A05, take a look at it if they're not in f'ugly armor) are Tactical ops who are destined for off-board military missions, like the MACOs in ENT. After that point I was at peace with the "new" colors Cryptic just placed the wrong guys on starbases But since in the on-board mission where the Deferi ambassador is on your ship, TACs guard the conference room. So maybe they also manage situations with high-ranking personnel.
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10-27-2011, 08:48 PM
I have a couple of ground rules I lay into my style of gameplay.

1) Black uniforms. I destroy more ships and enemies than a genocide expedition so I certainly won't look like my crew came from the circus. All uniforms must be the same throughout my officers so I pay close attention to the right colors to use. Tight pants/long pants/skirts are allowed, but only if skirts have stockings attached to them. Bajoran tops are starting to become my favorite uniform piece. There's just something professional about it.

2) TOS style colors only. Command is for gold, Operations is for red, and Science is for blue. None of this switcheroo nonsense TNG and after did. I go old school style.

3) While I use bright material for science vessels and cruisers, I'm typically moving toward darker colors for escorts. It kinda makes sense and easily sticks out from the other ships. Still, the only constant paint job I give all of my ships are the Corvus style because it gives off a nice gradient look.
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# 28 My rules
11-01-2011, 12:39 PM
Had to think about it a bit, but I do have a set of rules:
  • Uniform colors - All my uniforms are in standard (2409) division colors and black/dark grey. Commanding officers wear their division color. I've recently starting using teal as a division color for Medical on my main Fed crew. If you look at the NPCs, like those in the Stateroom at ESD, you'll notice that some are wearing teal.
  • Badges - 2409 division badges. Commanding officers have gold badges and rank insignia. Bridge officers have silver badges and rank insignia.
  • Uniform design - Each of my five Fed crews has a different uniform design, conforming to the above rules. All characters wear the same basic uniform, or variants like "open jackets". Uniforms for female characters have a skirt option. (My Trill science officer wears a skirt to show off the spots on her legs.)
  • Specialty uniforms, such as the Seven of Nine suit, Bajoran uniforms, and the Counselor outfit are worn by specific officers as appropriate by canon.
I've been thinking of adopting a standard uniform across all my crews, which would be Jupiter 5 jacket (style 2) with belt, Jupiter 3 pants, and Jupiter boots -- very "Wrath of Khan". Ideally, I'd like to use the same uniform with different badges for different ships, TOS style, if we ever get those "racial" badges.
  • Ship design - I tend to prefer canon ships. For non-canon ships, I usually try to customize them to be more like canon designs (at least in my interpretation of canon).
  • Ship colors - In general, I like the Type 2 material. One of my captains uses Type 4 for her ships -- she's from the Mirror Universe, so I was trying for a "darker" look.
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11-01-2011, 01:26 PM
Lately I've been experimenting with a new, more "close-to-canon" uniform. The details all fit onto the screen.

It's still experimental. I'm debating seeing what the Jupiter belt does for it. My only wish is it had chest rank pips along her right-hand side of the color stripe. Neck pips are fine, but I prefer the more visible chest ones.
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11-03-2011, 08:00 AM
I like to vary the uniforms on my various Fed Toons, but when using custom ones, I have some guidelines I like to use.

Divisional Colors:
Command/Tactical - Red
Security - Tan
Engineering - Gold
Operations - Orange
Medical - Green
Science - Blue

I also like to have the BOff who I have as my XO, as well as my toon, have their badge and rank in gold, with the rest of the crew in silver

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