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I'll admit it up front- I love the D'kyr's aesthetics. It is so unique compared to the other ships we've got. So naturally, I've been using the Tal'Kyr support craft- Both the deployable version and the pilotable.

Here's my question: Is the Tal'Kyr as shown in the deployable in-scale with the D'kyr correctly? Is it also in-scale with the pilotable? If so, why is the pilotable version classed as a shuttle? The Tal'Kyr appears to be closer to a smallish light cruiser beside the D'Kyr, which would be supported by it's 'high' crew rate compared to other shuttle classed ships and the window arrangements on it's hull. I will admit I have not done any hard measuring, but I seem to recall it also not appearing much smaller than the ShiKar-class light cruiser when I was parked beside one.

Am I maybe just reading too much into which interior they gave it? Will making a proper interior for it(and hopefully the D'Kyr?) ever be considered?

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