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After a terrible crash issue with a map and nearly a week of downtime on the part of the Foundry, the second part to this story is finally up for review. After deleting the original part II in the editor (which was complete and ready for publishing, but for the fact that one faulty map could not be removed) I worked through the night, completely recreating it in order to publish it at last. Please give it a try and please review it and leave some comments. Thanks

Mind Games: Part II

Smash and Grab

The crew is told there has been an incident and is dispatched to the Klingon front once again. There they learn that the Klingons have captured another ESPER, but this time not everything goes as well as could be hoped and these events could signal the beginning of something much darker.

- Moderate to heavy combat (mostly ground)
- more combat towards the beginning and middle of the mission
- Moderate to heavy dialogue
- more dialogue towards the end of the mission

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