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1. When I open the character status page, I would like to organize and put all of my tactical, science, and engineer’s in a certain order or even a Alpha, Beta, … team setup.

2. I would like to see a sliding tab system left-right and (not the collapsing tabs) that expanses with the height of the window size that it is in, so that I can see all of the information without having to use the scroll bar.

2a. Please…. give us the ability to show all (progress – Stats – Passive – Skills – Biography) in one view.

3. When we select our Character, Ship or BOFF have the characters image/pic come to the foreground along with all the information and spec’s of each item held, But keep the mouse over for single quick refernce.

4. Characters Skills: I would like to see the icon skill image with name for Ground and Space, instead of just the name.

5. In conjunction with number 1: I would like to see multiple teams setup for away teams (Alpha, Beta, Charlie...)

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