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Well for weeks now Ive been trying to raise with cryptic serious problems in the engine with shaders and higher end nvidia cards (confirmed by fleet mates to be 470, 480 and 580 GTX cards) now I dont know why this is happening but take a moment to watch the video uploaded here (yes GTX470 in SLI are loud so i did warn you but with headphones on I dont hear it)


What you see is myself and a friend on a defiant bridge. Notice that when my friend activates the stealth cloak that as soon as i click on the person watch what happens in the video. You will see the framerate plummet and I dont know why. It seems no one from nvidia can answer the issue nor any of the cryptic devs know why.

The interesting thing on another rig that runs a single GTS250 this issue doesnt happen. This is just one example of where a shader is causing massive impact on performance. Notice as the player activates the stealth cloak as soon as i click on the player using the stealth cloak fps drops from 70 / 75 to 22 fps. This is not acceptable !! Its only when i click on the player (or in shooter mode have the target on the player) that i notice this sudden drop in performance

Now you may say so what its one tiny aspect of the game but it doesnt stop there. Stealth cloak, remans turning invisible and using the push back force field, some of the early fed wormhole missions, fire on qonos are all examples of where the same thing takes place.

Ontop of that I find certain aspects of the HUD also slow this game down as well. It only takes several of these poorly coded shaders on a map to ruin the whole map. Imagine an STF run where you have all these elements and it lags very badly making the game next to unplayable.

It wasnt always like this. Since game release up until end of season 3 things were fine. Yes i still came across the odd unoptimised shader but overall things were ok.

My setup is as follows

Q6600 at 2.6ghz on a P5N32E-sli (not a great board for OC hence the low clockspeed)
8GB DDR2 800 ram
Windows 7 SP1 with latest nvidia drivers (note to solve this I have tried the last 6 public drivers from nvidia and all have the same result)
OCZ vertex 2e 120gb ssd raid 0 (giving 240gb)
Dual GTX 470 in sli

It will be interesting once I have my new rig up and running to see how performance is. But considering the minimum requirements required for this game as you can see im well over them. You shouldnt have to throw hardware and money for this game to run normally. I dont have problems with any other game so why star trek online ???
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# 2
08-22-2011, 12:49 PM
I would have to agree...

This game isnt properly coded for those of us who are running newer generation nvidia cards.

I have let people in my fleet know even i am running into graphic problems as well, and this is on 580GTX's in Tri-SLI.

I have no idea what they did in season 4 for graphic coding, but something is a miss.


It makes no sense when a games like Dungeon Siege 2 which has a more intensive gpu engine can run faster then STO.

Even funnier is when you got crysis2 running in 3d Stereo span'd on 3 monitors running faster then STO on 1 monitor.

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# 3
08-25-2011, 04:13 AM
i plus 1 this make it soooooooooooooooooooooo

today i log on and have pixel what ever you call them little black box's popping up all over the screen some times they are big black box's got stuff looks like its goon to go through the screen like its stretching all over the place and no for all you troll this is not a virus and nooo this is not my screen goon bad this only happens in this game only!!!!

pc HP Pavilion m9000t

Processor Intel Core Duo E6750 @ 2.66GHz

Ram 4.00 GB

32-bit OS

Gcard Nvidia GeForce GTS-450

Driver 280.26

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