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ok simple question. I need to make a nebula explode on approach, disappearing during the blast (simulating flying through volatile material). ideally i would like to make a second nebula appear in its place, simulating property change. i cant seem to get it to work without interact windows popping up everywhere. any way to do this?
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08-24-2011, 07:25 AM
I've used the "states" to make something explode, and reach markers to trigger them.

For example, say a ship is there, and I want it to have a core breach, I'll pick a ship from the objects and an explosion, and put them in precisely the same place. And then I put a reach marker nearby, and used "reach safe distance" as the objective.

I had the states for the ship as "visible: immidietely" and then "invisible: objective complete" but you could use component reached just as easily I suppose if it fits your mission better.

For the explosion, your initial state is hidden, and you have "Visible: objective complete" so the explosion will appear as the ship dissapears. If you also had a damaged ship of the same type positioned exactly the same, you'd give it the same "states" as the explosion.

The problem with what you want to do is that I'm not sure exactly which ships you have available as objects, but I'm pretty sure Nebula's not there. Miranda and Vor'cha are the only ships I've seen, although both have different skins to represent levels of damage.

Edit: I'm not sure if NPC contacts can or can't be used for this as well, but I'm pretty sure they can't, but objects are the only ships that have predetermined skins to represent damage levels anyway if you're set on having that.
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08-24-2011, 10:21 PM
im sorry i wasnt clear. lol.. i meant nebula as in gaseous anomaly.. not the ship.. my mistake

i tried your tactic.. problem is that i get interact windows.

specifically what i am trying to do is make a maze path with nebulae. if you touch the "walls" they explode on you. the only objective i need for the mission is to make it to the other side safely. i just need the nebulae to react properly to proximity without requiring an interact. i need them to explode if u touch them and then change color, in order to maintain the wall effect.

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