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Ladies, Gentlemen, and invited transgender species, I present my first new mission since the conclusion of my five part story arc, Dissent, several months ago.

Over There

Faction: Federation
Level: 31+
Start Location: Starfleet Academy

During a routine visit to Starfleet Academy, you get caught up in a daring raid on a top secret storage facility.

When you learn the infiltrators got away with of Starfleet's most dangerous secrets, you will lead a team to the Mirror Universe to find it and delete it before your enemy has time to use it.

In the course of this mission you will face deadly enemies, find unexpected allies and have to make real moral and ethical choices and attempt to survive their consequences.

This mission is best played solo. It has plenty of combat, but it is important to read the dialogue or you may get lost.

Note: There are some places where Bridge Officer pathing gets kinda screwy and you may need to manually get them through doors. I suggest you make sure they are with you at all times, since you never know what threats are lurking around the corner. Hopefully Cryptic will improve BOFF pathing on custom builds soon.
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08-29-2011, 03:07 AM
I really enjoyed this mission, the plot was engaging and the custom maps were very well designed. I wasn't sure if you meant it that way, but one of the mobs in The Vault was captain level and was a bit out of sorts with the rest of the enemies difficulty wise.

In the mirror quarters, after you have learnt about the mirror characters I don't think it played out right for me. Enemies appeared outside the door and through the back wall (?) of my quarters, which killed me quickly. Then when I revived, I went to the shuttlebay as the objective stated. Until the first officer beamed in and the dialogue explained I lost what was going on, I believe it may be due to some pop-up dialogues that failed to appear. Also, my boffs seemed to stay in that cell chamber so when I 'executed' the first officer, they were killed too.

I liked the depiction of Mirror Earth as well, nice touch. Highly recommend this one to people.

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