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I'm pretty sure this isn't possible in the Foundry atm, but It would be nice to be able tochange the registry that appears on friendly Federation (or enemies if you are klingon) ships. As it stands i can make say a squad of Galaxy class cruisers. I can name each individual ship U.S.S. XXXXXX, and this even shows up on the ship itself. However, if you check, they ALL use the same NCC-XXXXX from either a custom costume or the presets (example, the Tier 5 Galaxy costume will forever display NCC-1701-D).

Wondering if this could be a future possibility as seeing how when you make a ship costume, there's places for the registry decals etc, and the Name obviously works.

Another thing I think would be an improvement is why do we have to always make 'squadrons' of ships? This is linked to my third problem. Currently, setting up an encounter, there is absolutely no way to test the effect of multiple players inside your mission (I was making a 'fleet engagement' and with 2 people it was insanely undoable as the constant ship explosions usually killed you before weapons fire, and it was just a huge mess from what i envisioned). So in order to do this, you have to Publish it, and run it with a friend to 'see what happens' essentially. To help maintain a sense of balance, it would be nice if we could place actual singular contacts (i've tried this with the NPC contacts part, but they don't react in any way).

It would be much easier to balance things if we didn't ahve to use the 'squadron' system, as well if we could actually test missions NOT as an Ensign and with a friend.

TL ; DR Let us set ship registries, let us make singular enemies instead of always squadrons, let us test missions with a friend without having to publish first.
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08-26-2011, 02:01 AM
I need to examine the ship costume creator a bit more... but if you will ever be able to set a registry prefix and number in the foundry it will be there.

There has been talk of singular 'Boss' Enemies though that was on the ground where there are already your BOs on the ground replaced by real people in larger groups.

This is not so in Space so consideration has to be made for larger groups.

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