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# 1 excelcior refit sugestions
08-30-2011, 07:19 AM
wanna just make a beast of a ship did some work on it last night heres what ai got so far

3x dual antiproton beam arrays 1x photon torpedo( I chose this for fire rate and it wasnt much weaker on dammage then quantum)

4x antiproton beam arrays

filed gen, eps flow, X2 Plasma Distribution Manifold

borg ,hazzard

x3 antiproton mag

agis set

LC tac

eng team1

eng team 1,EPTS2


tractor beam 1, Hazards 2

so thats what i was able to come up with last night trying to just build a moster any sugestions would help out greatly

excelcior class realy seems like it kicks butt haha sorry sovy fans

oh ya and my class is engineer so i get all thos associated skills aswell
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# 2
08-30-2011, 07:32 AM
why have 2 DEM skills? with the powerups you have as an engi (if you are one) plus the innate ability of anti-proton weapons for extra crit, plus the fact you have little in terms of major hull heals/damage mitigation, you ought to consider dropping dem2 for aux2SIF instead....
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# 3
08-30-2011, 07:42 AM
DEM doesn't work so well with BO. It adds damage to each pulse, so you should add more pulses with Fire at Will instead.

With RSF and Miracle Worker you've got some excellent self heals on hand. Why not drop RSP, upgrade a EPtS1 to EPtS2, drop 1 ET1 and add 2 EPtW1 instead? This adds about 7.5% more damage for 5 seconds every 30 seconds and raises your weapon power.

I'd add an 8th array instead of the photons, too. Perfect FAW cruiser.

If you dislike FAW, try 4 single cannons, 4 turrets and rapid fire 1+2. Works well with DEM, too.
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# 4
08-30-2011, 07:54 AM
what other options do i have in the commader slot for dps i agree with you on the dem i do need faw but i have bo3 and love it so im kinda trying to find somthing that works well for it or with it

as far as the torp i have it on auto fir and im getting torp every 6 seconds and 2 every 15 with hy1 thats alot of torpedos after 30 seconds has gone by it was actuly working real and if you havnt noticed the speed in wich it take for the torpedo to reach your target seemes like its soo fast compaired to quantum look into it if you gotta chance

so would a faw2 bo3 builf be workable

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