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I'd love to see a bit of constructive feedback for this short mission i did a few days ago. (Ignore the one review it has allready, it's from a butthurt idiot who's upset about a bad review.)
The mission i designed is very basic because i have never worked with the editor before; having a bit trouble with Part 2 right now and i'd appreciate if someone would just run it through at tell me if he/she sees some really big no-no's i overlooked.
Thank you in advance!

You can find it under "Z'shordo Event Part 1" by Henricsson when looking for Custom maps.
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08-29-2011, 03:24 AM
Great start. Could use a bit more polish in terms of spellings and also NPC Contacts appearing as 'Alien Cruiser' but it played very well!
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08-29-2011, 03:47 AM
Thanks for taking your time I know my spelling is terrible, did want to do a spell check but i thought it's more important to get some info if the general idea of the mission is fun or not since i intend to polish it anyways. One thing i'm also going to try is to put in use what i learned about reach markers from the second part i'm currently working on; i think it'll improve one or two steps. Though i think the second part will take it's while because i have this weird loop-problem where the reach markers worked fine until i put the last one in and now they all lead into each other, making the mission unplayable. And then i found out it is impossible for some of the reach / object and spawn points to be removed, so i guess i'll do the second one from scratch : /

edit: think i've found where to change the "Alien Ship"-problem.

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