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# 11
08-31-2011, 05:50 AM
Glad it's not just me having this problem. On occasion I get gunned down and they just stand there stuck in a wall 10 ft away when I request help. Even when in combat they seem to get STUCK somewhere and bizarrely enough seem to have capability of firing at an enemy whilst making love to a wall with no direct line of sight. It's like playing gears of war just without the manly overtones of chest-high walls.

Another thing I've noticed is sometimes they just STOP, I don't just mean movement but stop firing at the enemy and do nothing. I can still fire / cast / kill etc so it's definitely not lag which cryptic suggested it was. The "not us guv" towards support tickets seems to be a major drawback not just the AI issues IMHO. Core of the problems to me at least seems to be how support "handles" support.

CAUTION: This may come across as a bit strong below;

I would happily buy a lifetime subscription but after dealing with support soo many times I just don't see how the game can last if support immediate response to a problem seems to be "nananana I'm not listening", "must be your computer lol ^_^" and "you net connection sux n00b". It's really one of the three really in my experience IMHO.

Computer is decent spec, net is decent spec and my other online games work flawlessly.

I really do like STO crippling bugs and shoddy support in the mix. There is a good game buried below. To me if they would acknowledge there are faults with game and they are working on them would work a lot better than doing an Iraqi information minister. It seems to me the support team do not have a known issues list, speak to the programmers or even play STO on occasion. Not sure which troubles me more. To give you some background I do work in IT support and all three are very necessary to provide good support. Know the product, know the problems, know the programmers rings true support.

Imagine a new player who is not IT centric raises three tickets, with three known issues. Each reply he gets each of the three excuses. Would that player continue to subscribe to STO or look for an alternative? Getting back to the original subject it would be nice if we had access to their known issues list so we knew if we require a post for a new bug or have a portal where the players can check if there is a bug when there is a new bug report is submitted. The OP posted this because of not knowing, I can see various posts in the forums about possible bugs and glitches.

It just seems the AI problems are part of a bigger issue IMHO.
Lt. Commander
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# 12
08-31-2011, 06:22 AM
Sweet I'm not the Only one whom has this problem.

You'd think with All the LifeTimeSubs out there they'd get to fixing the little things sometime.

Guess they can't see the problem over the pile of Cash.
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# 13
08-31-2011, 06:51 AM
This is beginning to be very annoying. My BOffs keep getting stuck at doorways or start running off to who know's where if they cannot stand perfectly behind me. Happens in every indoor instance type mission now. Outdoors, without obstacles, they seem to do well...
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# 14
08-31-2011, 09:31 AM
Originally Posted by garravesh View Post
That forementioned episode has been crap since the earliest days and it is no hetter today. My guess is that they are aware of it but are bogged down doing other things.....

It has been an issue since my 1st toon played it many moons ago. It is a little bewildering to see it is not repaired yet.
It seems to be a MMO standard issue, getting "bogged down with other things".

Over the many years I've played online games (starting with MUDs in the dark ages) I've always been of the opinion that right up front dev teams should set aside at *least* 1 week a year (every 6 months would be better) to do nothing but clean up things like this.
Lt. Commander
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# 15
08-31-2011, 09:35 AM
I think a simple command to make the BOffs walk single file instead of in a cluster would solve much of the "getting stuck in corridors" problem. The group they try to walk in is too wide so the outside two end up getting hung up on the walls.

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