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10-02-2011, 10:19 AM
Originally Posted by SuperCyberLou
Kirkfat seems like the perfect person to ask about 2 problems I've had with my limited attempts at making Foundry missions. #1. How do you make enemy ships roam or "patrol" like in regular missions? The wander feature doesn't seem to work. #2. This following problem makes me wonder about the devs. HOW do you make a *science fiction* mmo, make it *Star TreK*, THEN give the players the ability to make their own missions...but *no way to have enemy or ally ships warp into or out of battle??..?* The warping animation is a loop. Really stupid. For ST stories, it is VITAL to have enemies or allies warp into tor out of a battle for story purposes.
I haven't messed around much with space wander, but, if it's working, then you'll need to publish the mission in order to see the ships patrol.

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