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There has always been one part of Star Trek Online that has always been very lacking and that is the skills and skill tree of STO. There no variety, or major choices, you don't have to choose between being a space healer and a harasser, you just have to change a boff and poof. It has made this game bland. We are all exactly the same, we can all have the exact abilities that the next guy has because it is the best.

I propose a new skill tree and a reworking of every ability that we have in STO. Each class should have 2 space skill trees and 1 ground. For example a science officer would have the option to choose between healing and de-buffing. If you chose healing only science healing abilities would be available to you.

You would get each ability when you chose that skill in teh tree. Think of the talent trees of World of ********. Each profession in STO would get 6 native and powerful skills that only they would get access to. Science Officer would get 3 Heals or 3 De-Buffs/Buffs. Engineers would get 3 Heals or 3 Tanking abilities. Tactical officers would get 3 Damage abilities (Unlike science and engineering, tactical only focuses on damage). Effectively you create 4 of the standard classes of most MMO's: Cleric, Mage, Paladin, and Rogue.

To be able to implement something like this new abilities need to be introduced, like Reverse Jam Sensors.

RJS would be exactly like Jam Sensors, except it would Jam your enemies sensors to only be able to target you, effectively a taunt.

The skill changes would encompass all 3 classes, changing around almost every skill in the game. Some abilities would be removed, new ones added and some would be moved to another class.

I know this isn't a fully fleshed out idea, but it is a starting point of something that could change STO for the better. Right now all 3 classes are broken and incomplete. Every player has almost the exact same build at endgame, and this should be different. There should be no penalty for being a healer or a tank. That is all I propose, variety in our classes and the trinity of classes (Tank, Healer and DPS).

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